Don’t fight too hard – you might win.

A while back, a woman expressed her disagreement with me saying:

“I think men like a challenge.”

Now, I’m going to pick this apart.

Not out of any maliciousness or spite.

Simply to shatter yet another delusion that permeates modern inter-gender (romantic) relationships.

Men do not like a challenge.

Think of love as food (which it is, in many ways):

If a man stands before a supermarket shelf, he can reach for a hard to reach item or he can simply take one more at his level.

If both items meet the same need, why bother straining himself?

It’s just not logical or feasible.

The extra effort isn’t warranted.

Now, one may become indignant and say things of the ilk:

“So you’re saying all women are the same?”

In fact, during the opening moves of the mating game –


Remember a few basic facts:

1} Men are far more geared to sexually respond to physical attractiveness than are women. So if two women of equal beauty are encountered, they’re interchangeable at the earliest stage.

2} Women choose; men are chosen. Men don’t have the options women do. A woman of reasonable attractiveness can simply walk out her door and be approached romantically. This never happens to men. At best, women will give him cues to approach her but he won’t actually be approached in any obvious manner. Therefore, men are already working 24/7 to get a woman’s attention. Making it difficult simply causes him to move on.

3} Quality men have options; worthless men don’t. So it’s basic logic that the more desperate the man, the more effort he’ll put into getting a specific woman since he thinks she’s probably the only woman he can get.

Women instinctively know this – hence, the more females a man has interested in him, the more she finds him attractive in the back of her mind. This is also why women will classify desperation on a man as an absolute turn-off.

What men do like (to a point) is a sexual challenge.

If a woman doesn’t have sex with him quickly, then he gets the strong impression that she’s discriminating in her mate choices and, by extrapolation, will be more loyal sexually should a relationship develop.

This is a very reliable indicator, so wise men never forgo it.

To think otherwise is female projection.

Of course women like a challenge.

Since they’re doing the choosing.

Being approached with such frequency and having differing criteria means men aren’t so interchangeable – even at the earliest phase.

In fact, I posit the earliest phase is when she has to be the most discriminating.

I use reality to prove my point.

Thinking back on prior relationships, one will find, overall:

The best men a woman has dated were those that were harder to get.

The best women a man has dated were the easiest to get (yet a little slower to grant sexual favors).


3 Responses to “Don’t fight too hard – you might win.”

  1. Good stuff. Thanks.

  2. I’ll admit I almost stopped reading after the first few paragraphs, but you brought your arguments full circle. I guess you could say you “finished the job”. YEAH!

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