“This heat has got right out of hand…”

I’ll start by saying I hate most of the Truths I espouse.

And this is certainly among them.

Nothing epitomizes my words on male “invisibility”, the princess complex and the preponderance of unrealistic female expectations among the majority of women like the image above.

Take a moment to look at it.

Really drink it in.

I’ll wait.

Got it?

No, you don’t.

Because, if you’re a woman, it’s very likely your experiences completely blind you to the issue.

I’ll clean your lenses for you:

See, your life has been one, more (much more, in fact) or less (not really), of passivity.

Leave an update on Twitter, FaKebook, any social media – and someone replies.

Likely as not, a male.

Want a date?

Simply talk to a male.

You’ll get one.

Being the oinomancer I am, I already know your response:

“It’s not as easy as you think!”


It is exactly as easy as I think.

I’m on the side of your suitors, remember?

What’s not easy is you acquiring the attention of a man you find exciting, appealing, attractive, and in whom you want to emotionally invest.

Men deal in facts; women deal in feelings.

So if a woman can’t feel something for a man, he is invisible.

He simply doesn’t exist.

This is why long-distance relationships rarely, if ever, work.

This is why, if a man must choose between upsetting a woman or being neutral, it’s alwaysbetter to upset her – because he”ll at least be on her radar.

This is why a woman can a get dozens of messages a day yet still feel completely alone.

This is why women bemoan the lack of “good men”.

Take careful note of the wording there.

Google it, even.

The complaint is never – ever – a dearth of men.

It’s a dearth of “quality” men.

Just as the woman who has 5,458 followers yet is somehow “single and sexually frustrated”, so go countless women.

All subconsciously turning down potential mate after potential mate after potential mate in an economy that keeps men from earning enough to make them appealing, a society that emasculates them while demanding they “man-up” and feeds them counterproductive dating advice.

Women disinterested in the banality of real relationships by the fantasies fed to them 24/7 by advertisers clawing to get their money.

Women numbed by the obsequiousness and lack of drive in men that have been gelded since birth.

Women jaded by bedding bad-boy after bad-boy…

Only to find the cads were exactly the villains they claimed to be.

It doesn’t happen the way you’d like but, in this world of sexual freedom:

Everyone gets fucked.


♪ ♫ ♪: Banananrama – Cruel Summer

6 Responses to ““This heat has got right out of hand…””

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  2. Yes to all of this.

    • Many thanks, Brutus.

      • I have long said: Any woman at a 4 or above in attractiveness can get sex anytime she wants. All she has to do is walk into any bar and say “who in here is DTF right now?” And she can simply select the most attractive man who presents himself.

        By contrast, the only living man who can do that is George Clooney. Any other man would be laughed out of the bar or the bouncer would toss him out.

        In fact i would venture any woman at a 5 or above can get a boyfriend. There’s a catch, ladies — he won’t look like Channing Tatum or Ryan Phillippe. He’ll be average in looks and earning power, but hey, he’ll be yours.

        Oh. Yeah. “Average” isn’t good enough.

        Got it.

        ► A♠: Well said.

        Thanks for the comment, Deti. ◄

  3. Thank you for spending time to create “This heat has got right out of hand 80-Proof Oinomancy”.
    Thank you again ,Ezra

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