“But I think you know; oh, yes, you know what’s going on.”


I know to whom she’s talking, and it’s not whom you think.



“To paraphrase Roissy’s inimitable words, the closer you get to the truth the louder the feminine will screech. “

– Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male

I, along with countless others, owe a great deal to the two men mentioned above.

Both have changed my life (for the better).

But, as the saying goes:

No man has the monopoly on Truth.

(Not that either has claimed such, to be fair.)



Certainly, the statement they make is True.

However, I’ve yet to see them address why that is.

The answer is simple, if very painful:

Women’s ever increasing decibel level isn’t intended to convince men.

It’s to convince themselves.

As much as I admire both of them and continue to seek their wisdom, they still seem to dwell in the dream that a woman will step out of her own head to think of a man.

(It’s here I allude to my post referring to the  film Inception.)

Remember, the purpose of all female communication is to make, then rationalize, their actions.

Men simply don’t enter into the equation.



This dovetails with so many other Game concepts, such as:

Why neediness is a turn off  = you’re trying to make them step out of their own head, which is cognitive dissonance.

Why confidence (read: decisiveness) is attractive = they covet the trait.

Why they prefer dominant men = they don’t have to constantly question choices when none are presented.



In short, the reason you’ll never – in 10,000 years – see a female chess champion is this:

They don’t see there are  pieces other than their own on the board


♪ ♫ ♪: Duffy – Stepping Stone


3 Responses to ““But I think you know; oh, yes, you know what’s going on.””

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  2. puncipocogteto Says:

    Khmmm, sorry bro, WRONG:


    We all know she’s an outlier, but still…

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