We could sit and rip apart awful dating advice found on the internet from now until doomsday.

But this piece struck me as unusually bad – and that’s saying something.

The tone isn’t cautionary – it’s hostile and threatening.


What really grabbed my attention, however,  is the ability of the authoress (of course) to get so many tired, worn-out feminist attacks – all in one sentence:

“Rule #8: Don’t tell her to make you a sandwich.

Actually, don’t tell her to do anything. Ask her, like a decent human being! When you act like women are just put on the earth to bring you things and sleep with you, you make her think you’re an abusive misogynist who uses aggressive and controlling behavior to try to distract from the fact that you have a tiny penis.”


What pains me most is that women like this don’t realize they create misogynists by acting/behaving/writing this way.


4 Responses to “Self-fulfilling”

  1. Not to mention they create misogynists by teaching men how to be supplicating bitches who ask for things nicely and treat women like a decent human being, only to have woman lose tingle and drops/divorces/destroys said supplicator who later learns online that this advise is a sham and learns true nature of women is 180 polar opposite of what he was told by women… well, you have yourself a fresh from the oven ready to serve steaming misogynist ready for the world!

    Oh yeah.. always with the small dick ref too. They just can’t help themselves can they?

    ► I’ve always gotten a kick out of the “small dick” go-to. If anything shows a lack of maturity and an ability to think critically, then it’s a 5th grade insult such as that. ◄

    • Just finished reading all the things not to say. Fuck was this article written by a 2 year old?

      • Check out the comments in the previous post.

        I have a reply there to a comment that was misplaced by its author and is relevant here.

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