Linanati writes:

“A man’s fat 2am booty call isn’t someone he’ll marry, but she could end up having his child.”

It seems to be the experience of the majority of the manosphere that, if a man is able to even get such a thing, it’s more likely she’ll be at least of average appearance if not greater than such.

Linanati also writes:

“Our system today that forces men to pay for illegitimate children isn’t good for women – at least, not all women. It’s good for the fat, ugly, or otherwise undesirable women who offer easy sex then lie about being on birth control or poke a hole in the condom to get pregnant by a higher-quality man.”

It’s here you fall into the logical fallacy of “No True Scotsman”.

As if “good girls” don’t do such things.

We are all capable of misdeeds and, as the saying goes:

No man is as bad as the worst thing he’s done.

While I confess my response is anecdotal, I see it as no less valid than the – also seemingly anecdotal –  point which it answers:

Without exception, every woman I have ever known that has spawned bastards has been very, very physically attractive (prior to their poor choice, of course).

I’m curious to know the experience of  male readers in this.

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3 Responses to “Whetstones”

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  2. A:

    Mostly true. Most of these women were physically attractive enough to get alpha genes. I’d say you’re 90 to 95% correct.

    ► I had a feeling that’s what I would hear. That perhaps NASMWH (Not All Single Moms Were Hot) but the preponderance were. ◄

  3. “As if “good girls” don’t do such things.”

    I’d like to use this chance to put to rest some of the lies feminism foisted on us.

    It’s not true that good girls don’t like sex. Good girls do like sev very much so, in my experience.

    It’s not true that you can fix a marriage after a wife cheats. In fact it’s my experience that wife cheating is almost always fatal to the marriage — and it should be.

    It is not true that a woman having sex makes her a “bad girl”. If she does it too many times with too many different men, it makes her a slut and probably not suitable for marriage; but that doesn’t make her a “bad girl”. “Bad girl” is not necessarily coextensive with “slut”.

    It is not true in my opinion that a slut can never reform and get married. It is very, very difficult for a slut to reform and find a man she’s attracted to who will have her as a wife. This does not mean it can never, ever happen. Just means it is rare and not worth taking the chance on for a red pill Man.

    It is not true that a

    ► For some reason you got cut off here. What happened? Computer trouble? ◄

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