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The Woman & The Couch: A Fable for Modern Times

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Once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted a couch. She wanted a couch more than anything else she’d ever seen. To her very soul, she felt – no, she knew – this couch would make her feel comfortable, cozy, warm and, in her old age especially, be a place of support and rest. So, when she was old enough and a had a place of her own on the 5th floor of an apartment building, she bought the piece of furniture she’d desired since she was a little girl. Shortly thereafter, the couch arrived.

The woman was thrilled; it was just what she wanted! Just out of the truck and on the front lawn of the apartment building, she hopped on her newly delivered bundle of joy. It was perfect in every way! It wasn’t long after, however, that she looked at the bill – taped to its back – and saw how expensive it was. It was much more than she’d thought it would be. “No matter”, she thought to herself, “It’ll all work out for the best. Someone will help me pay for it.”

As the sun began to set, bringing a close to such a lovely day, she wanted to get inside, so she started to push the couch through the front door. It was then she realized how heavy it was. Not only was it heavy, but the door was so small and the stairs so steep, winding and numerous, it dawned on her how tremendously difficult a task this would be.

Not being easily daunted, she began asking various men who lived in her building to help her carry it. She soon found none would help. Some were too selfish, certainly. But most were too tired from their own troubles or job, too tired moving their own furniture, had promised to help move a dining room set he’d purchased with another woman in the building or simply didn’t want to put in so much hard work for a couch that wasn’t his and wouldn’t be able to enjoy.

Therefore, ever determined to enjoy her couch, she struggled, pushed and fought to get it through the door and up the stairs. She’d make it only so far – damaging the walls and the couch both, in all her attempts. Passing men would disregard her, having enough burdens of their own, while other women would tell her how brave and strong she was – yet would close their doors and mock her to their friends and families inside.

Eventually, she and the couch were forced to stay outside together. She endured the harsh elements bravely, if often miserably, while aging more rapidly and more deleteriously because of them. As for the couch…

Regardless of how much she loved it, the couch was torn, beaten and irreparably damaged by an environment to which it should never have been exposed.




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We could sit and rip apart awful dating advice found on the internet from now until doomsday.

But this piece struck me as unusually bad – and that’s saying something.

The tone isn’t cautionary – it’s hostile and threatening.


What really grabbed my attention, however,  is the ability of the authoress (of course) to get so many tired, worn-out feminist attacks – all in one sentence:

“Rule #8: Don’t tell her to make you a sandwich.

Actually, don’t tell her to do anything. Ask her, like a decent human being! When you act like women are just put on the earth to bring you things and sleep with you, you make her think you’re an abusive misogynist who uses aggressive and controlling behavior to try to distract from the fact that you have a tiny penis.”


What pains me most is that women like this don’t realize they create misogynists by acting/behaving/writing this way.


“Your purple prose just gives you away…”

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A woman got her PhD in “Text Messaging” –




You may begin the LULZ.

Or start crying softly to yourself.

Frankly, I’m cool with either.


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“But I think you know; oh, yes, you know what’s going on.”

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I know to whom she’s talking, and it’s not whom you think.



“To paraphrase Roissy’s inimitable words, the closer you get to the truth the louder the feminine will screech. “

– Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male

I, along with countless others, owe a great deal to the two men mentioned above.

Both have changed my life (for the better).

But, as the saying goes:

No man has the monopoly on Truth.

(Not that either has claimed such, to be fair.)



Certainly, the statement they make is True.

However, I’ve yet to see them address why that is.

The answer is simple, if very painful:

Women’s ever increasing decibel level isn’t intended to convince men.

It’s to convince themselves.

As much as I admire both of them and continue to seek their wisdom, they still seem to dwell in the dream that a woman will step out of her own head to think of a man.

(It’s here I allude to my post referring to the  film Inception.)

Remember, the purpose of all female communication is to make, then rationalize, their actions.

Men simply don’t enter into the equation.



This dovetails with so many other Game concepts, such as:

Why neediness is a turn off  = you’re trying to make them step out of their own head, which is cognitive dissonance.

Why confidence (read: decisiveness) is attractive = they covet the trait.

Why they prefer dominant men = they don’t have to constantly question choices when none are presented.



In short, the reason you’ll never – in 10,000 years – see a female chess champion is this:

They don’t see there are  pieces other than their own on the board


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“This heat has got right out of hand…”

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I’ll start by saying I hate most of the Truths I espouse.

And this is certainly among them.

Nothing epitomizes my words on male “invisibility”, the princess complex and the preponderance of unrealistic female expectations among the majority of women like the image above.

Take a moment to look at it.

Really drink it in.

I’ll wait.

Got it?

No, you don’t.

Because, if you’re a woman, it’s very likely your experiences completely blind you to the issue.

I’ll clean your lenses for you:

See, your life has been one, more (much more, in fact) or less (not really), of passivity.

Leave an update on Twitter, FaKebook, any social media – and someone replies.

Likely as not, a male.

Want a date?

Simply talk to a male.

You’ll get one.

Being the oinomancer I am, I already know your response:

“It’s not as easy as you think!”


It is exactly as easy as I think.

I’m on the side of your suitors, remember?

What’s not easy is you acquiring the attention of a man you find exciting, appealing, attractive, and in whom you want to emotionally invest.

Men deal in facts; women deal in feelings.

So if a woman can’t feel something for a man, he is invisible.

He simply doesn’t exist.

This is why long-distance relationships rarely, if ever, work.

This is why, if a man must choose between upsetting a woman or being neutral, it’s alwaysbetter to upset her – because he”ll at least be on her radar.

This is why a woman can a get dozens of messages a day yet still feel completely alone.

This is why women bemoan the lack of “good men”.

Take careful note of the wording there.

Google it, even.

The complaint is never – ever – a dearth of men.

It’s a dearth of “quality” men.

Just as the woman who has 5,458 followers yet is somehow “single and sexually frustrated”, so go countless women.

All subconsciously turning down potential mate after potential mate after potential mate in an economy that keeps men from earning enough to make them appealing, a society that emasculates them while demanding they “man-up” and feeds them counterproductive dating advice.

Women disinterested in the banality of real relationships by the fantasies fed to them 24/7 by advertisers clawing to get their money.

Women numbed by the obsequiousness and lack of drive in men that have been gelded since birth.

Women jaded by bedding bad-boy after bad-boy…

Only to find the cads were exactly the villains they claimed to be.

It doesn’t happen the way you’d like but, in this world of sexual freedom:

Everyone gets fucked.


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“I said He wouldn’t give a damn; He’d be just like you.”

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“All men have criminal records.”

Baby-momma #2 says that with a straight face.



As many shots as I’ve done at the 4th of July party, it still just about floors me.

She says this, of course, after having had a long heart-to-heart with the other woman that shares her baby-daddy.

He, True to form, is not present.



Their hamster-fest has gone on amidst the plethora of white knights and mangina’s that form this royal court of lunatics.

With a long time friend –  who is also the new boyfriend – of baby momma #1 seated right next to her.

I immdiately point out how insane a statement that is.

I suppose it’s unnecessary to mention everyone stares at me as though I’m the jester.



Now, it isn’t the fact she says those words that bothers me.

It’s the fact she believes them to her core.

I point out, loudly, that I don’t have a criminal record (yet).

Nor does the boyfriend of baby-momma #1.

She counters with:

“Well, you wanted to get into law-enforcement so you avoided trouble.”



But that’s it, isn’t it?

The rationalization of poor choices.

The overwhelming desire to be the new martyr hanging from the cross of evil, deadbeat men.

The invisibilty of decent males.

Not even obsequious, mind you.

Simply sans felonious past.



Realizing the futility of my position, I stand up and jump in the pool.

If I can’t drown in whiskey…

I’ll drown in water.


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Deti’s Wisdom… again

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His summation hit me like a punch to the throat.


So I had to do an image of his words: