“I’m the dog who gets beat…”






Dear Beta men of the world,



You take a lot of shit in this corner of the web.


So allow me to give credit where it’s due:


You put your lives on the line to protect us.


You work hard to keep us all living in the manner to which we are accustomed.


You support those in need.


You promote order and stability.




Without fans, there would be no rock-stars.


Without a pack, there would be no Alpha wolf.


Without tools, there would be no machine.




So demand more.


From your leaders.


From your women.


From the world.


Because you’ve earned it.






3 Responses to ““I’m the dog who gets beat…””

  1. Truth.
    And almost poetic.

  2. “I need Feminism because for the first time in centuries the average man knows, in 20-foot letters on the Goodyear Blimp, what the average woman really, truly thinks of him. True liberation has arrived, bringing Pain but also Hope.”

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