Buy now in one convenient package!

This needed to be shared [emphasis mine]:


“To be honest, if we’re gonna do this, I just kind of want a set plan and nothing too crazy. It’s just I don’t know you at all and it makes me nervous,”  I finally said. There – is that straightforward enough for you?

He proceeded by telling me that I’m a “bright girl” and that this is a quality he likes about me. This was followed by the plan for our supposed date. It all sounded nice, but it was a trifecta of a date including a stroll around the park, drinks and dancing in one part of town, and a comedy show in another. I must admit, as much as I love commitment (I truly am a relationship type), I also hate commitment. I don’t like plans and I don’t like being tied into things. My friends and I often joke about not using the “P” word (plans, if that wasn’t obvious).



2 Responses to “Buy now in one convenient package!”

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  2. Never smarten up a chump – PT Barnum

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