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A Perfect Example of Bullying

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I must admit, this is one of those rare instances where  the media and masses got things right.

This scenario is a clear–cut case of bullying.

In fact, I would be hard–pressed to find one better.



Since I consider myself one of the manosphere’s bloggers while most don’t [simply because most don’t read my blog, so my stats tell me] I can already hear the blood rushing to your cheeks from reading the words above.

Your hands clenching and unclenching in preparation to leave a scorching and soon–to–be–immortalized comment on the internet.

Your disbelief at the accuracy of my assessment gamboling with rising anger to the very corners of your mind.

You, my digitally manifested friend who stands [sits?] in judgement over me, are wrong.

And I’ll prove it.

“bullying” = present participle of bul·ly

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.



That is a clear, concise definition of the societal crime  I am saying took place.

Because there can be no doubt it did.

Therefore, I state, for the record:

Jennifer Livingston is the bully in this scenario.



That’s right, Jennifer Livingston used her vastly superior influence [1] to force the American public into both further embracing “fat acceptance” and to intimidate individuals from pointing out such a lifestyle is unhealthy.

By all means,  comment in painfully polite disagreement with “fat acceptance”  on the video for further proof.

As stated above, she exemplifies the very definition of  the crime of which I accuse her.

Publicity stunt or not, she is a bully.

And a successful one at that. [2]




[1] =  When compared to the letter’s author; all bullying is comparative. Any reader here can beat–up a third grader but that makes the child no less a bully to a second grader]

[2] =  Having read the post in its entirety, should you continue to disagree, I am left no recourse but to take my logic, facts and small penis back to my mom’s basement, where I shall [paradoxically] be both powerless to get laid yet powerful enough to manipulate all women into feeling the need to conform to an unrealistic standard of beauty.

“Art imitates life.”

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I’ll try and do a more substantive post later but, for now, I’ll share a brilliant creation by a very savvy young woman in my life:

Therapy without change is called “babbling”.

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From ► Dating Hear Say by Michael Ross ◄:

“For many guys, a conversation is often a way to define a problem, debate the rights and wrongs, and find a solution. We discovered that, for me, verbal conflict was not entirely dependant upon feelings or being heard. It was often merely analytical. I would identify a problem, explore the options and then strive to “fix it.” Tiffany, like many women, usually finds the argument to be therapy. The act of talking and exploring is what they need. Not just to fix it and move on. We quickly learned that understanding communication styles and differences will enable both male and females to connect better with others in your life.”

This is why women giving one–another dating/relationship advice is all too often a self–perpetuating disaster.

As above, women will readily admit that the majority of their complaining is simply a desire to be heard and that most of their responses are merely tailored platitudes to make the recipient feel better, validated or both.

These are the very seeds of catastrophe for two reasons:

1} Pragmatic solutions remain completely absent.

And to worsen matters,

2} Problems are insufficiently defined, thus rendering it impossible for a proper course of action to be engineered—if it was desired, at all.

Now, some may argue that women talk at length about problems.

Thereby finding fault with reason #2.

Those people would be wrong.

See, women talk at length about their feelings about the problem/s at hand.

They exchange anecdotes.

They rarely delve to any significant depth concerning the problem itself.

This is all due to the fact that, by their perception, the problem is the “feeling bad” part rather than the cause of those feelings.

So once the feelings are changed from “bad” to “good” the “problem” is solved.

As I said, a self–perpetuating disaster.