Therapy without change is called “babbling”.

From ► Dating Hear Say by Michael Ross ◄:

“For many guys, a conversation is often a way to define a problem, debate the rights and wrongs, and find a solution. We discovered that, for me, verbal conflict was not entirely dependant upon feelings or being heard. It was often merely analytical. I would identify a problem, explore the options and then strive to “fix it.” Tiffany, like many women, usually finds the argument to be therapy. The act of talking and exploring is what they need. Not just to fix it and move on. We quickly learned that understanding communication styles and differences will enable both male and females to connect better with others in your life.”

This is why women giving one–another dating/relationship advice is all too often a self–perpetuating disaster.

As above, women will readily admit that the majority of their complaining is simply a desire to be heard and that most of their responses are merely tailored platitudes to make the recipient feel better, validated or both.

These are the very seeds of catastrophe for two reasons:

1} Pragmatic solutions remain completely absent.

And to worsen matters,

2} Problems are insufficiently defined, thus rendering it impossible for a proper course of action to be engineered—if it was desired, at all.

Now, some may argue that women talk at length about problems.

Thereby finding fault with reason #2.

Those people would be wrong.

See, women talk at length about their feelings about the problem/s at hand.

They exchange anecdotes.

They rarely delve to any significant depth concerning the problem itself.

This is all due to the fact that, by their perception, the problem is the “feeling bad” part rather than the cause of those feelings.

So once the feelings are changed from “bad” to “good” the “problem” is solved.

As I said, a self–perpetuating disaster.


3 Responses to “Therapy without change is called “babbling”.”

  1. Love the title of your post. Most women don’t want resolution, they just want to be heard and have their feelings validated.

    Sometimes i think they’re just addicted to the sound of their own voice. Hence ‘Babble’.

    One minor correction to your post.

    “So once the feelings are changed from “bad” to “good” the “problem” ***was irrelevant***.”

    Most of the time, the problem lies within the girl herself, tho through effective babbling, can shift/justify/rationalize applying blame elsewhere.. anywhere other than herself thus satisfying the requirement of ‘feeling good’ that she is not the cause.

    Sometimes there is no problem. It only exists in the hamsters mind.

    Women babble to placate the hamster.

    Men’s logic to fix the problem puts the hamster in the microwave on high for 2 1/2 minutes.

    • Thanks, M3.

      I believe you raise a great point regarding the non–existence of a problem, in many cases.

      This is often due to their appetite for emotion.

      In the way you sometimes want chocolate ice cream and others you want vanilla.

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