“Art imitates life.”

I’ll try and do a more substantive post later but, for now, I’ll share a brilliant creation by a very savvy young woman in my life:


4 Responses to ““Art imitates life.””

  1. shhhhhh.

    I think the Slutwalkers might have heard you.

  2. Ace:

    I beg to differ.


    Sunshine Mary tells the story of this woman, Rachel Christine, is a “Christian” who claims she is “proud” of the “dumb stuff” she did. Mary writes of her story in which she says she slept with lots of guys. But hey, it made her the great person she is today.

    • Touché.

      I still find her quip amusing, though.

      As for the story you mention:

      We both know—you, especially with your translation abilities—just how hollow her assertions are.

      Women will dance to any tune so long as it keeps them from paying the piper.

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