1} I published my most recent 100 Words of Hate a day early. My mistake; Wednesdays 0600 [East Coast, USA] is the scheduled time.


2} Working on creating a podcast. If anyone has any ideas/interest in participating, please leave a comment below.





4 Responses to “2♠”

  1. I’ve been considering doing a podcast for some time too; it’s a very popular medium and arguably even better than blogging in terms of delivering information. What kind of podcast were you thinking of doing? Discussion based with a set topic/theme, responding to particular events in the news, “lecture” format followed by discussion/commentary are all well-regarded options, among others. I like your ideas on this blog a lot, and putting them in a regularly updated podcast could be extremely popular.

    • Many thanks.

      I was leaning toward responding to particular events in the news but I believe I’ll go with a set topic/theme with every X numbered episode being a lecture, either by myself or a guest.

      I posted a video a few entries earlier to float the audio idea and to hone my production/recording skills, too.

      What format were you considering for yourself, were you to give it a go?

      • I think commenting on/analyzing news items, large or small, in addition to sharing our own experiences, be they positives to repeat or mishaps to avoid, would be a solid foundation. And of course answering emailed questions for a certain portion of the podcast. Generally, having a fairly loose structural sketch is the most effective, since it avoids lengthy rants while allowing for improvisational sidetracks.

  2. I’m dying for a new post here, man.

    In case you can’t tell from my latest post, I’m pissed off and I could use some interesting reading.

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