100 Words of Hate, VI


8 Responses to “100 Words of Hate, VI”

  1. Holy shit. That’s the best 100 Words of Hate ever, including Mentu’s. You knocked that one out of the park. My girl and I both laughed our asses off. I’m gonna link to this when I go into town tomorrow. Keep it up, my friend.

  2. A man will at any point in his life if he is VERY lucky have but one woman out of all the women he knows who will measure up like that. That is when you have an extraordinary main woman. Other than that they will not have our backs in any way that really matters.

  3. Tee heee! oops by Friends I meant like teevee, you be my man-tampon and receptacle for periodic Recurring Dramatic Sequences, triggered by the many boinkbuddies I am “dating”

    But I LOVE YOU and it’s really you I want, once North America runs out of other men, it could happen

    Love XX

  4. […] Please read this and send her a link to it. It sums things up nicely. My man Ace is brilliant.  100 Words of Hate […]

  5. I may have to include this in online dating profiles in the future.


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