“… always soothes the worker.”

I’m getting really fucking tired of the debate regarding:

“What is Alpha?”

So I’ll tell you.

Not that you really want to know.

Here’s the answer, not that you want it:

The Alpha is the one in your life that maintains unapologetically the most appealing definition of reality.

Of course, I am speaking of  “appealing” at a subconscious level.

Do you have daddy/mommy/authority issues?

It’s all the same.

Men take lives for an ideal.

Women give life for an ideal.

[This is why men will kill for God/government and women only fuck the IDEA of a man rather than the man, himself.]

Freedom is too frightening a thing to contemplate.

Better to leave such weighty decisions to a Higher Power.

Thus, most do.


Music – Stairway to Heaven [played backwards]

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