“I want to be old and lonely…”

Female retorts in manosphere blog comments are, as regulars know, painfully predictable.

“You have a small penis.”

“You are just bitter.”

“You are a basement–dwelling loser.”

And the biggest of all:

“No woman will ever want you.”

What I’ve yet to see any of my bretheren address is why these are all common go–to’s.

Women, in their inherent solipsism [further inculcated by Western “equalism”], believe everyone [male and female, alike] possesses the same inbuilt fears.

Now, with that fact firmly in mind, what do all of those attacks target?

If you said anything but “The ability to garner a mate”, then you are wrong.

This is telling insofar as even the most ardent “strong, independent woman” uses them with vehemence and vitriol.

Therefore, gentlemen, if you feel the [foolhardy] need to respond in kind, I offer these barbs:

“You are fat.”

“Your breasts are small/asymmetrical.”

“Your vagina reeks of rotten seafood.”

“You are terrible in bed.”

Because, sadly, the female at the brunt of it will [regardless of protestations] believe them.

Again, I do not advocate such childishness.

But, if one must sink to the depths:

Better to be a torpedo rather than a sundered galley.


3 Responses to ““I want to be old and lonely…””

  1. I never could understand why women tend to quickly attack a man who is just speaking his mind. Instead of reading and understanding the issue at hand they quickly fire a round at us for not towing the line.

    great post

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