“All the dark days, spent in a maze, have made a new man of him…”

Captain Capitalism and many other eminent members of the ‘sphere believe there is no hope for the Western world.

I respectfully disagree.

The hope of which I speak is:


Thousands of metric tons of it.


Want more jobs?

Have fewer people to fill them.

Want more resources?

Have fewer using them.

Want women to be more feminine?

Make the world savage enough to show them, in blood–penned letters, just how ineffectual they are at being masculine.

Want obesity to fade away?

Starve humanity.


Think I’m being too harsh/simplistic?

If you’re reading this post, you were brought to it by one misfortune or another.

Or both.

Hell, that’s why I’m here.

I claim no high–ground.

But, no, it’s not projection.


It’s the simple fact that nobody changes without a compelling reason to do so.

It’s why men that shoot up groups of people are always, objectively, intelligent.

They’re smart enough to see it.

Just not quite smart enough to realize they can’t get a sufficient number of us to make a real difference.


As history [the Black Plague, in particular] has proven:

The darker the negative; the brighter the emerging picture.


♪ ♫ ♪: Motörhead –  Terminal Show


8 Responses to ““All the dark days, spent in a maze, have made a new man of him…””

  1. Dark but very, very true, my friend. A lot of people will no doubt disagree. We need a new mass killer. I thought AIDS was going to geet the job done, but apparently not.

  2. “The darker the negative, the brighter the emerging picture”

    Very poetic good sir.

    Now you all are thinking like Elites! How shall the sheep be culled next?

    Stay frosty.

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