“Sit beside me, my only son…”

I’m a virtual unknown in the ‘sphere.

[I get about ten readers a day— though I certainly appreciate each and every one of them.]

A major contributing factor to this reality is that I rarely comment.

Since I prefer to speak only when I feel I have something significant to share.

With that in mind, I’ll share  a comment I made that I feel warrants repeating:

Take it from an older man who’s been there:

1} You know what’s right & wrong, deep inside. Follow that. If you feel ashamed of something, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

2} Love others as you love yourself – but remember not to love one more than the other.

3} School or a trade – work hard. Don’t take the easy route. In the end, you’re only cheating yourself.

4} Women will come & go – treat them well but don’t permit yourself to be mistreated.

5} Smile when you look in the mirror.



5 Responses to ““Sit beside me, my only son…””

  1. sunshinemary Says:

    Love it.

    I’ve mentioned before how much I like your taste in music, right?

  2. You are welcome sir.

  3. […] Take ► pride in all you do ◄ in all you do, large or small. As a man, your name is attached to everything you touch, your […]

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