“Are we having fun yet?”

Possibly the worst thing that has come from our efforts toward “equality” between genders is the idea that what one sex considers a punishment is the same as what the other does.



Ladies, you believe the “silent treatment” is a punishment.

Of course you do.

Because you “social reference” everything.

Because you need consensus.

Because you need to be heard.

Men do not.

Thus, silence is merely the respite from criticism we enjoy.

What you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Ladies, you believe taking our children away from us is a punishment.

Which of us carried it for more than half a year?

Which of us fed it from our breast?

Which of us has been told, from birth, we are unnecessary for its development?

Again, what you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Ladies, you’ll deny us sex [after having it; a critical point].

We’ll simply say/do the same things to elicit it from another.

Thus, satiating our need for fresh conquests.

Once more, what you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Paradoxically [to you], the way to keep us is:

Let us [men] know we are irreplaceable.

Otherwise, as burdened as we are by society:

We’ll be happy to let another shoulder the load.






♪ ♫ ♪: Nickelback – How You Remind Me

3 Responses to ““Are we having fun yet?””

  1. yousowould Says:

    This is all true, except with one caveat – the guy has to not be a spineless beta worm, or else he WILL consider all those of things punishment. Only those men with strong masculinity and a solid frame can see it for what it is.

    • Agreed, but that potential rests within every man.

      He need only realize who “told him he was naked”.

      And, thus, rebuke the Prince(ss) of Lies.

  2. Please insert the video into the post if you ever get a chance, Ace.

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