“Two steps forward; three steps back…”

Once more, I demonstrate my prescience:




The ever-popular château is very close to the mark but, as it frequently does, it stops just short of the larger Truth.

A man does not “revive” women.

He animates them.

Bringing them into existence from the life within himself.

[As he did in the Book of Genesis.]


Women are, as the study previously linked supports, mirrors.

Thus they reflect whatever they encounter.

Whether the trend be in/of environmentalism, fashion, literature, etc.

They do not create.

They copy or reproduce (dual meaning intended).

This is why they will cling tenaciously to a man, children or [worst case] a career.

Something by/with which they can define themselves.


This is also why the definition of Alpha is:

The man that provides the most appealing definition of reality.

Being mirrors:

They choose that which casts [to their own perceptions] the best reflection.


Thus, I close with a quote by the inestimable Frank Miller:
“You’re good… but me, I’m magic.”







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