“…so when I’m in your neighborhood…”

I don’t understand the Internet.

I’m accustomed to giving respect.

And being respected.

I don’t talk shit or behave like an “Internet tough guy”.

Because I’m from a world where your ass better be able to cash checks your mouth writes.

Sure, I was a nerdy white kid.

Sure, I’m exceptionally intelligent.

Sure, I speak like a college professor.

But I have a command presence that stops people in their tracks.

I look and dress like a Hell’s Angel.

And I can fight and shoot like damn few can.

I was born and schooled in an urban area that was voted “America’s Worst City”.


When I had a badge & gun, I kept prisoners in line with a few simple words:

Don’t run.

Because you won’t like it when I catch you.

And I fucking will.

I’ve stopped many a potential fight with:

I don’t want trouble.

And, Trust me, neither do you.

I don’t understand the Internet.

I hope I never do.


7 Responses to ““…so when I’m in your neighborhood…””

  1. yousowould Says:

    Hah, we call them “keyboard jockeys” – take them out from behind the computer and they’re suddenly not so cocky any more!

  2. It’s a lack consequences and no accountability for what they say (or write). It mirrors the lack of accountability that is plaguing the “real” world but with anonymity acting as a multiplier.

  3. You aren’t from PB are you?

    • I’m not.

      A comment in a previous post mentions where I live and, even earlier, where I was born and raised.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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