“You cannot know the kind of food that made me grow…”

Never throw a punch.


If  you must fight (and I recommend you try to never do so):

1} Step right up in his face; staring in his eyes.

2} Stomp down HARD with your heel on his foot; break a metatarsal bone or two of his.

3} Make a fist with your favored hand and SWIFTLY bring it to its shoulder; make your forearm tightly parallel with your upper arm.

4} Swing your elbow the side of his head; break his zygomatic arch.

[If, by some serious fortitude on his part, he’s not on the floor yet:]

5} Grab him by the ears; pulling his head down, slam your knees into his forehead. (The goal here being to concuss him or, at the very least, abrasively cut him over the eyes so he’ll bleed enough to obscure his own vision).



Again, try not to fight.

Because, in the long run, rarely is there ever a winner.

Either way, never throw a punch.





2 Responses to ““You cannot know the kind of food that made me grow…””

  1. I never go looking for a fight, but I also never lose a fight. Reason being, I don’t fight.

    If a guy starts acting aggressive and it seems as if he will get violent soon, I smile and pretend as if I am trying to diffuse the situation.

    As I am smiling and asking him to calm down, I grab him by the throat and get in as close as possible so he has no leverage to punch me.

    Hold on till he stops struggling.

    Haul ass before the cops show up. This has worked for me on 4 different occasions since I became and adult. I don’t lose fights.

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