“The soothing words of politicians, those bodyguards of lies, While guardian angels waste their time and every mother cries.”

Fascism always comes from the political “left”.


The progression is as follows:


1} The “left” votes for greater “fairness” which, of course, can only be enforced by an entity that has the potential power to compel such [the government].


2} “Fairness”, being increased equity in financial resources and social standing, demotivates the “have nots” from working toward such [as the government will compel it, regardless] while simultaneously demotivating the “haves” from working to sustain such [as the government will confiscate the fruits of any/all labor].


3} This leaves the Truly power–hungry and those with a desire to lord themselves over others [sociopaths] solely one avenue to achieve their goal— a government position, as it is now the arbiter in all things.*



[* = Some may argue that those interested most in “fairness” will also seek government positions. This is a falsehood because those most interested in such would have the least desire to put themselves above others via such a position. Even if they did, the sociopaths would cull them swiftly and without mercy as Stalin did.]










Oddly enough, fascism cannot arise from the “right” for two reasons:


1} The “right” is unconcerned with “fairness”, thus the power–hungry and rabidly ambitious have countless other avenues to pursue [famed CEO Lee Iacocca passed on running for president because he felt the position does not have enough power when compared to the head of a multi–national corporation.]


2} Since the “right” does not concern itself with “fairness”, many [read: most] look upon them as villains, therefore watching them constantly and with great scrutiny— which tremendously hampers any moves in that direction even in the unlikely event they were to foment.




As the African proverb goes:


The hippo you can see never overturns the boat.


And, as a backhanded compliment to the “right”:


The road to Hell is not paved with bad intentions.


Finally, as Sylvia Plath wrote:


“Every woman adores a fascist.”






6 Responses to ““The soothing words of politicians, those bodyguards of lies, While guardian angels waste their time and every mother cries.””

  1. As my husband always says, “Whenever anyone says the word “fair” to me, I know I’m about to get royally screwed over.”

  2. Great post. America is becoming everything it used to stand against. Fiddle and the Drum?

  3. Many thanks, Doc.

    And “Fiddle & drum”, indeed.

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