“Everybody’s so different; I haven’t changed…”

“I hate your outgoing message.”

She said that all the time.

“She” being the winner of  [major USA city]’s “Hottest Female Bartender” contest.

But still she’d chase me.


My out going message?

A portion of the linked song:


The specific line?

“Just leave a message—

Maybe I’ll call.”




6 Responses to ““Everybody’s so different; I haven’t changed…””

  1. i’m dannyfrom504 and i approves of this 100%.

    good move.

  2. You know the video changes? It goes from Black Sabbath – Snowblind to Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good, once you click onto the link that takes you to the post.


  3. […] stunned by her unusually confrontational tone, especially considering ► our past ◄, I didn’t even think to order my usual Jack & Coke with a splash of lime […]

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