My stream of consciousness breaks the dam…

… coming home to a house with no whiskey is like taking a dump and finding there’s no toilet paper— nothing to wipe away the shit of the day is something I’ve come to hate because sunshine only accents the flaws of the awful neighborhood in which I find myself questioning if Delicious Tacos is even a real blogger, since he opened his story the exact same way as “American Beauty”, is basically telling the story of Californication in reverse, his links read like Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with 1,000 Faces”, his posts never use a single manosphere term and he’s got the running theme of “I’m irredeemable; redeem me” so I suppose we’re still in Act II for a while, needless to say, whenever I see folks commenting with adulation, I think of a bunch of male ducks trying to fuck a wooden decoy but, hey, I think Seth MacFarlane is a talentless hack yet he’s the highest paid TV writer in history so what do I know I feel saddened that Sunshine Mary has deleted her blog considering she was the first person to link to mine…




2 Responses to “My stream of consciousness breaks the dam…”

  1. I am sad too. She was one of my favorites.

    • Agreed.

      I always appreciated her sense of fairness, too.

      Whatever the reason she shut it down, I’m sure we both – along with more than a few others – wish her the best.

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