“These are the lies I have created…”



Having read that:

Ask me why men are reticent to be sexually “assertive” and “confident”.

Tell me “Not all women are like that”.

Postulate that women such as those are a mere minority of the whole.

Then I’ll tell you to put a bullet in a revolver.

Spin the cylinder.

Place the barrel to your head—

and pull the trigger.




After all:

The odds are in your favor.

Aren’t they?





17 Responses to ““These are the lies I have created…””

  1. Holy cow, that conversation is NUTS! Good thing Facebook is so private & nothing on there can be used against you. /sarcasm

  2. mynameisD Says:

    Dating site’s are a greaty way to find some crazy one. Kind of scary how many are out there.

  3. Bill Powell Says:

    I don’t use Facebook either, I had an account tied to my last blog but all I was getting was loons as followers. I’m interested in your take Ace.

  4. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    There is still, two years after my first taste of the red pill, a side of me that doesn’t want to believe the horror of reality. I know that in almost every way I am better for the knowledge of truth and yet equally would be more comfortable in a cocoon of lies and the occasional ‘cognitive dissonance’ induced breakdown.

    Instead it’s our duty as men to face the world head on. I just hope my resolve holds long enough to make me a man capable of taking full advantage of the state of the world, since once you’ve taken the red pill there are only two choices that I see. Rise to the top or die trying, since I will no longer be satisfied with mediocrity. It’s a brutal path, but its better than the alternative.

    • I applaud everything about this comment.

      Your tenacity.

      Your awareness.

      Most of all, your admission of fear.

      Admitting your human weaknesses is the first step on the road to a greater self.

      Thank you very much for this comment.

  5. I feel like keeping a revolver and a blank handy wherever I may be, just to make this point.


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