“I’m in the black again…”

So, this [ http://likeinbooks.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/why-morticia/ ] got me thinking, along with watching some of the original episodes.



Thus, I’ve got a few thoughts on the matter:

1} Gomez’s wife is beautiful, feminine and totally in tune with him. He was engaged to her sister but he decided he wanted Morticia more, as he felt a greater connection with/ardor for her.

2} She is always seen knitting, gardening or preparing for guests while he is always seen handling money, negotiations, fencing, exercising or blowing things up.

3} The house and its décor are neither his nor hers; it belongs to both. As I said, they are in perfect harmony.

4} When she ignites his passion, he never asks permission or pleads- he takes her (insofar television of that era would allow).

5} In (at least) one episode, she has explicitly stated her fear of him leaving her for another woman. An admission he could, should he so desire.



A few other points from IMDB:

Carolyn Jones and John Astin decided to give Gomez and Morticia “a grand romance” as an antidote to the virtually asexual parents then common in television shows.

Gomez and Morticia Addams were the first married couple on American TV implied to have a sex life.



Lastly, in one of the very first episodes, a truant officer tell Gomez Addams that the Addams children must go to school [they did not, at the time].

To which Gomez replies:

“Nonsense! Why would I have children just to send them away?”





4 Responses to ““I’m in the black again…””

  1. I always loved how Gomez was wild about Morticia & couldn’t control his passion. I remember him always grabbing her hand & kissing her up & down her arm. Were there French words involved or was that Pepe LaPew? Childhood was a long time ago, lol!

  2. Link doesn’t work. What do you think of this page?


    Was thinking of sending it to my girlfriend.


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