“The world is not enough but it such a perfect place to start, my love…”

Sometimes people just don’t get it.

So many in the ‘sphere keep knocking women’s irrationality.


Here’s a wake-up call:

For 95% of humanity over 99.9% of human history—

Life was/is a nightmare of shit, work and blood.

With sex and a couple of pretty sunsets to keep us from jumping off of the nearest, tallest precipice.


Women are irrational because, for 99.9% of human history, you’d have to be to keep bringing life into it all.

Many of us are slowly reawakening to that fact.


So give me an irrational woman any day of the week.

[But not crazy; I’ve had more than my fill of that.]

A woman that likes kittens, puppies and babies.

That sends me stupid shit I couldn’t care less about.

That’s positive, life–affirming and tries to see the good in everything.

Especially my profligate self.


She can be the light.

I’ll be the shadow.

And, together:

We’ll be a masterpiece of painting.






5 Responses to ““The world is not enough but it such a perfect place to start, my love…””

  1. Bill Powell Says:

    Tweeted brother.

  2. I’ve come to accept that women are probably hardwired for irrationality – hell, look at PMS! Just reading up on all this stuff & seeing how I sometimes still act (not bad but maybe really bratty), I really have to chalk a lot of it up to “being female”.

  3. Touching, my friend. As you and I have discussed during many a drunken phone call….women are women. You tell me often that I concern myself too much with Mistress’ bouts of irrationality and her lack of ability to discuss some of the higher ideals that interest you and I. In your words “If you want philosophical conversation, call me. If you want sex, call Mistress.”

    You are my mentor for a reason.

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