“All things come to he who waits but the waiting never ends…”

It’s how they get us.

They build things so anybody can use them.

Therefore, anybody could do the job.



This doesn’t just permit the abuse of the “unskilled”.

It promotes it.

Then they ship most of the jobs to parts–unknown.

Leaving the tens of thousands of hunters begging for scraps.

Who, out of necessity or a lack of options, hustle to get even those meager portions.



Then they work them to exhaustion, all the while reminding them just how easily they can be replaced.

This leaves them too drained by the time they get home to look for something better or even cook for themselves.

This keeps them lethargic, mentally malleable and unhealthy.



Then they pump the homes (if one can use such a term) full of countless ways to live vicariously.

“Don’t worry about how shitty your life is.

Rest with us a while.

Rest and dream.”



Oh, I see the trap.

But that’s partly because I’m standing on the cheese.





4 Responses to ““All things come to he who waits but the waiting never ends…””

  1. […] Sundown in America. Not the kind of thing you’d normally see in the NYT. Related: Waiting in the cheese. […]

  2. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    Maybe you’re not the right guy to ask given your propensity for alcohol and generally abusing your body but equally tht may make you have more applicable experience:

    What’s your take on nootropics? Particularly modafinil and piracetam.

    • Drink coffee and research Kratom. Check out the latest post on my blog about kratom. Much cheaper and kick-ass.

    • Sadly, I’m not the right guy to ask about that.

      But I’m not the worst guy to ask, either, since I do not bullshit people nor do I pretend to know more than I do.

      Also, your words wake me to certain poor behaviors of mine.

      Which I appreciate.

      I suppose, upon reflection:

      I was the right man to ask.

      Simply not the right man to provide an answer.

      Think on that a bit.

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