“…a cold trade for warm sunshine.”





3 Responses to ““…a cold trade for warm sunshine.””

  1. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    I’ve ultimately decided not to play with the heavy nootropics yet, not for another couple of years till my CNS is fully developed. I can make it through my own will power and unaided intelligence.

    As far as your own slow self destruction, I may be younger but know the feeling that sometimes takes me. I spoke to a fellow blogger YouSoWould and he mentioned how alcohol induces a form of depression on him that would last for a few days after a heavy night and only encourage him to drink more and ultimately feel lower and lower. I realised that I get exactly the same response, a casual drink is a pleasure but a binge becomes a source of pain. For me, drinking and nicotine became a way for me to punish myself for feeling depressed when I had so many great things in my life.

    Forgive me if this is a rude question to ask, but do you ever feel that you are trapped in your situation with no way to work up towards something better? Making the only obvious method of escape purely through your mind ( through rationalising or through drugs). The mind might be able to make a heaven out of hell but it would have an easier time if it was closer to heaven to begin with. And every mind is prone to burnout sometimes.

    • Not a rude question at all.

      (I’m guessing you’re English).

      I very much feel trapped and “burnt out”.

      The past decade has been nightmarish, to say the very least.

      Too long to relate here but perhaps voice chat someday will give you better answers.

      You raise excellent points.

      “The mind might be able to make a heaven out of hell but it would have an easier time if it was closer to heaven to begin with.”


      Thank you for reading and for your comments.

      You certainly nudge me in positive directions.

      • The Lucky Lothario Says:

        Glad to hear something in my words nudges you in a positive direction.

        A quote I tweeted that you replied to recently with the Milton quote was from a letter my uncle sent to me recently on my 22nd birthday. In it he acknowledged that while some aspects of my life haven’t been easy, the character he most admires is that which drives forward instead of collapsing and using that as an excuse to do nothing. He himself broke his back when he was a teenager and now runs a successful business (without any disability benefits as well) and ,for me at least, is a shining example of his own philosophy.

        From your writing, you seem smart and capable so don’t let shit from your past hold you back. Although, it’s easy for me to say that while Im young and optimistic.

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