“…a $7 toll will get me in her hole…”

“He’s been having problems with his ex.


He broke–up with her because he felt they just weren’t headed in the same directions.


Nothing really more than that.


But, ever since, she’s been so hurt and angry that she’s been texting and calling him about how she’s fucking and sucking all these other guys to get back at him.


He told me that it doesn’t upset him or make him jealous.


It just makes him sick.”




I shake my head.




“Sickening” is a flawless choice of words.


Then I explain.




She’s doing what countless women, raised to believe men and women think, feel and react the same, do.


She knows women viscerally respond to men getting other women.


This triggers the preselection bias all women have.


It’s also why if one woman wouldn’t fuck you, innumerable others wouldn’t either.


Getting other women also shows a woman that he has a certain skill set or ability that attracts women and causes them to risk intimacy.


So, due to her confirmation bias and upbringing, she assumes he’ll react as she would.


In short:


He’d come back.


Or at least give it serious consideration and reevaluate his choice.


This prediction is, of course, horse–shit.




In reality, what she is doing is the exact same as making a friend prove his driving ability, responsibility, proof of insurance and sobriety before handing him her car–keys.


Only to take them back and hand them freely, hours later, to the sloppiest drunk randomly chosen at the bar’s last call.


Men want loyalty (so it’s far more likely any children sired between them will be his).


They want good decision–making (because the well–being of his household will be at stake).


The above behavior supplies nothing but ample proof of the lack of such.



Against all the modern nonsense, what would never work for him would work for her.


She’d be better off saying if she can’t have him, then she’s not interested in anyone.


That she says, on infrequent random occasions, that she misses him.


Thinks of him at certain times.


Recalling fondly certain memories.




Now, this never works for men because it shows he does not put himself first.


However, she’s not a man.


And he doesn’t want one.


Leaving him nauseated.


And her irreparably damaged in his eyes.


5 Responses to ““…a $7 toll will get me in her hole…””

  1. This is spot on.

    I’ll go ahead and risk sounding like a broken record, but people still wonder why I despise my own sex, this new era of my sex, and the fact that I myself was one of the earlier subjects in said era.

    It’s scenarios such as this that completely debunk the whole proposition of equality among the sexes.

  2. […] What women find attractive, men find sickening. […]

  3. Calling a girl about all the holes you’re stuffing won’t do the trick either. But if she can’t help but notice how quickly you move from one branch to another, it sticks in her throat. Even worse if you’ve got a new girlfriend. Even worse if the man she left you for left her, and you’ve got a new Love.

    And she’s stuck – without recourse – can’t steal you away – or build the relationship she so desperately seeks where she stays.

    And when she speaks to you every now and then, letting on occasionally that “Yeah, sometimes I miss you hahha” – you know that eve wants another bite of the apple.


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