“Follow me into the desert, as thirsty as you are…”


I’ve written previously:


Respect is not opinion but fact. This is difficult for many to grasp. One can be loved or hated and still respected. In fact, what healthy women would call “love” is not at all what most would believe. It is respect – hence, hypergamy (the constantly trading up). This is why, when a woman says “You’re such a jerk, I don’t know why I love you.”, it seems paradoxical. This also why Remarque says in All Quiet On The Western Front that battle brings men closer together than if they were lovers.


Love is like shit:

It rolls downhill.

Respect is like a balloon:

It rises to the greatest reachable height.


Men love women.

Women love children.


Children respect women (to a point).

Women respect men.


See, “love”  is God’s greatest invention in the sense that it makes us do things that run contrary to what cold, self–interested reason would have us do.

Thereby, in theory, making the world a better place.


Women can’t replace children easily because they “love” them.

Women can replace men easily (relatively, at least) because they merely respect them.

And finding someone respectable is far easier than finding someone “lovable”.


This is why women are so confused when men are devastated by a break-up.

They think:

“Why does he not simply move on?

It’s just a girl .”

(I was told those exact words, once.)

This is also why they can (comparatively) go from one man to another with little difficulty.


See, for the preponderance of human history, men did not need women to “love” them.

Since the harshness of the world guaranteed, more or less, their attention and fealty.

Whereas, women needed men to “love” them (along with children) for the very same reason.

The harshness of the world saw no reason for men to do so, therefore “love”  entered the picture.


It’s also why women crave a man’s emotional attachment and, simultaneously, dislike logic.

Because reason gives little, if any, incentive to bond with them.


The current state of affairs in the Western world provides evidence enough for my conjecture.








5 Responses to ““Follow me into the desert, as thirsty as you are…””

  1. Good post. The more you treat a woman like a child, the better behaved she is, and the less you bring yourself low.

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