“And there will be no tenderness…”



– image (and related story) can be found  at http://thisiswhymgtow.blogspot.com/2013/05/feminist-manufactures-own-rape-threats.html


Her hoax statement speaks volumes about/lends further evidence supporting:

1} Female solipsism

2} The depth to which “gender/attraction sameness” is believed.

3} A woman’s need for attention— be it positive, negative or sexual in nature.


With the preceding in mind, permit me to make her false statement far more believable/realistic:

“That man runs his right-wing mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think it’s hot and it makes me angry.”

So flawlessly does it now flow that, upon reading it, it almost feels comfortable and strangely soothing.


In fact, I’d wager those are the very words she says to herself just prior to masturbating.

Almost as often as she cries afterwords.













5 Responses to ““And there will be no tenderness…””

  1. While I despise the women who create hoaxes like these, I welcome the obvious ones like these. They do more to discredit feminism than any one man could it seems.

  2. […] Roissy and Ace have the same thought. Related: She’s married? Wow. Also, seems Bill had the same thought. […]

  3. This song was written for 2018.


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