“In my heart I will hold what my bloody hands have dropped…”


It’s been said:

“Girls want them some babies.”

That’s not entirely True.

And I learned long ago:

Half–Truths are the worst type of lies.


Like a demon battling an exorcist, carefully chosen facts and cherry–picked knowledge does the most savage damage for the cause of the wicked.


“A Truth told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.”

– William Blake



Yes, women seem to want children.

But that’s not the complete desire.

What they really want are families.

Meaning, a strong, stable, loving, invested support structure.

They just don’t realize it (like so very many things).

Until it’s far too late.





2 Responses to ““In my heart I will hold what my bloody hands have dropped…””

  1. And they aren’t willing to put the work in to have a strong relationship. They think relationships just happen & people that have good ones are “lucky”.

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