“Raped and freezing; victims of the dream again…”


…I keep reading about player burnout, red pill nausea, ‘sphere overload to the point of toxicity, prepping for the collapse and myriad other maladies birthed by our Truth–sharing and I keeping shaking my fucking head that nobody g☼ddamn gets the fact we’re all good-hearted, white knights of the Highest Order in the True, untainted by Roissian terms, in that we all write about and desire the same fucking thing in the end regardless of how we all bicker like comic-book nerds at a convention about Batman vs. Superman saying lift weights and be worth having and then you’ll get a girl, stand up and the world will respect you, fight against the hordes and the land will be cleansed is all trying to fill the same terrible, Stygian void that our ancestors filled (and rightly so) with religion because, for some reason – the will of God or evolutionary design (which need not be mutually exclusive)  – we crave something deep within us and that something is JUSTICE which bitterly, to the point of tears, differs from PUNISHMENT in that—

it doesn’t exist in this life.

And never will.


As for me, I’m no better.

I pray more for a Hell than I wish for a Heaven.

Have a few drinks and think on that.






3 Responses to ““Raped and freezing; victims of the dream again…””

  1. What is justice but punishment allotted to those who have earned it?

    • “Justice” would be fairness – setting things right – unfortunately, only those wrongs that are so minor as to not be worth the effort of seeking justice in the first place can ever be righted, if any can be.

      You can’t un-murder someone. You can’t get un-cucked. You can’t restore the innocence of the raped and brutalized.

      The best we can do is punish. Sharpen the guillotine, load the rifles for the firing squad (less one), start tying the hangman’s knot…

      Justice is a fantasy for the victims of a crime, though I suppose it may be a reality for the onlookers, but who gives a shit about them?

      The crowd at the foot of the gallows is satisfied that justice has been done when they watch the criminal twisting in the breeze, but did they even know his crime?

  2. Every night essentially my brother.

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