“How can you say I go about things the wrong way?”


This is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:



That’s how the vast majority, rank and file of humanity, operates.


This is the True Artist’s Hierarchy of Needs:



What is the greatest need for most is the least necessary for the True artist.

What is least necessary for the True artist is the greatest need for the majority.

I intentionally left it difficult to read (by simply inverting it) to reflect the Truly bizarre and difficult to comprehend nature of the artistic soul.


See, this is why so many can appreciate art but find the artists themselves unlikeable.

This is why women flock to artists— because the artist doesn’t need them.

He’s never clingy or smothering because a mistress already has his soul.

This is why an artist’s life is usually shitty, disorganized and a more or less hand to mouth existence.

This is why even those that love them, fail to understand them.

Because, at the core, they are dissimilar in their drives and their priority of needs.


On a personal level:

This is why my life seems like (and is) one long string of self–destructive actions.

Why I’ll get many women to beg for my attention, since I’m always putting writing or composing songs before them.

Why I won’t even realize I haven’t eaten in 24 hours or that the sun has come and gone.

Why my father thinks I’m bat–shit crazy.

Why even those that love me—

Find me incomprehensible.


I’ve said it a hundred times, I’ll say it again:

I’ll write and compose even if nobody ever reads or hears my work.

I don’t need approval.

I need to create.

For good or ill, famous or forgotten:

It’s not a choice.

It’s a destiny.









5 Responses to ““How can you say I go about things the wrong way?””

  1. Nergal Says:


    And don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

    Don’t lose faith in yourself for any reason,put the pedal to the metal and hold it there ’til it flames out,and never look back to see what you’re passing or you’ll crash and burn.

    People like yourself are the mirrors of society’s soul,in you we see our greatest hopes and our most tragic faults reflected. A true artist is like a rare seasonal event,a blue moon,a heat inversion. We look on and marvel as the laws of nature the rest of us abide by are suspended for the artist and/or his work.

    • Many thanks for the encouragement, compliment and support.

      You phrased all of it flawlessly and with eloquence.

      Side note: I’ve noticed you commenting around the ‘sphere and often wondered – isn’t Nergal the demon that hounds John Constantine in the Hellblazer series?

      • Nergal Says:

        Could be.

        Nergal is the patron god of the city of Ur,in ancient Mesopotamia. He’s associated with warfare and the underworld. He’s sort of like the Roman gods Mars and Pluto combined.

        He’s not usually characterized as the aggressor. He defended the people of his city of Ur against their enemies,in much the same way Athena defended Athens.

      • Very cool.

        Thanks for the information and insight.

        I find the monikers men choose to be telling.

  2. You say women flock to artists because artists do not need them.

    I am inclined to agree.

    Yet I notice woman are in the same position of the pyramid upright or inverted.


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