“I’ve seen them crawl from the cradle to the gutter on their knees…”




It’s been said, many times, that:

“Love is a drug.”

Like so many pieces of concise wisdom, few understand–or even comprehend–the gravity and Truth of such.



Indeed, love is certainly such a thing.

It induces euphoria, inflames desire and creates a slavish devotion.

Even the most experienced PUA (in fact, especially such a man) longs to be enthralled by a woman’s laugh.

Captured by the glimmer in her eyes.

Born aloft on the scent of her hair.

Inebriated by the taste of her lips and breasts.

Any man that’s experienced it, even once, will “chase the dragon” again.

And again.

And again.




But love, akin to every other drug, destroys the man that immerses himself in it.

Like any other junkie, he eventually (though seemingly suddenly, as time plays tricks with things such as this) finds himself flung headlong into penury; ruined and shell of all he once was.




Women rarely suffer this Fate at the hands of men.

As women do not love men [as I’ve stated, previously].

However, women frequently succumb to such tragedy at the tiny hands of children, if no man is present to curb the female’s devotion.



11 Responses to ““I’ve seen them crawl from the cradle to the gutter on their knees…””

  1. Megadeth is one of the best bands out there. Mustaine is one guy who will say some truth in his albums.

    “But love, akin to every other drug, destroys the man that immerses himself in it.”

    Lust…not love.

    • I respectfully disagree and stand by my words.

      Lust rarely destroys a man or woman as its target can easily be replaced by another long before lasting damage is done.

      Whereas love is far too strong a bond to break lightly— which can be both good and bad (as just about everything in life).

      Never hold onto anything so tightly that you can’t let it go.

      Otherwise, when it sinks, you drown with it.

      As a side note, I’m very pleased to see your comment and I thank you for it.

      I have been a fan of your additions to the sphere for some time now.

      Here’s the evidence, in case you’ve yet to see it:


    • Although, I agree with you 100% regarding Megadeth.

      A Tout Le Monde and Foreclosure of A Dream, are especially brilliant.

      • Thanks for the compliment. These parts have helped me come out of my shell. I think what you are referring to is romantic love…which has drug like qualities (listen to any song about drug abuse or love and they can intertwine).

        I’d have to say my personal favorite song by Megadeth is Reckoning Day. And why many fans hated Risk I’ll never know…I think that is one of their best albums.

      • Again, I respectfully disagree.

        Jesus said:

        “Love others as you love yourself.”

        He forbade us to love either more than the other.

        It took me a very long time to see and Truly understand that.

        Only God should be loved above all.

        Regardless, you’re quite welcome for the compliment as you’ve earned it.

        I’m pleased you’ve emerged from your shell.

        You have a great deal to offer the world.

        Continue doing so.

        I’ll definitely check out those songs tonight.

        Thanks for the dialogue.

        It’s appreciated.

      • Cool then we are in agreement…as Godly Love is what I was referring to. Love from God never destroys a person. That’s what I try to use to power my heart.

        Love between humans…well we are imperfect so you shouldn’t expect that love to be perfect. Drug yourself on that…you’ll get some bad results.

      • Very cool, indeed.

        Again, thanks for the comments.

        I appreciate your time, efforts and words.

  2. Sounds like the ancients used religion to have man posit oneitis upon the almighty, for only the almighty can never dissappoint, and perhaps man is raised to do good more often than not, in love for a higher power, than a woman, a less power than his own.

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