“Two packs of cigarettes a day; the strongest whiskey Kentucky can make…”


So I spent a couple hours dispensing a heavy dosage of red–pill wisdom to a single mom.

I did this because I knew, from countless examples of her commenting on my other blog, she’d actually listen.


Two of my favorite responses from her:

I just had a total face palm moment
    the fuck have I been teaching my almost 7 year old daughter


 🙂   glad I met you


At one point, I wondered if I was “white knighting”.

I caught myself, thinking:

Then why on God’s green earth are you sharing anything red–pill on the ‘net?

For the attention?

Give me a fucking break.

The world has enough narcissists and wanna–be celebrities.

The world is drowning in shit as it is.

No need to add to the g☼ddamn pile.


To be clear, I’m not advocating we run around trying to save every soul.

Or jump on the nearest altar to be sacrificed for some vague concept of the “greater good”.

But, for fuck’s sake, help people when you Truly believe it may be worthwhile.


Want me to put on an ivory tabard now?


But, rest assured, I’m getting it dirty as Hell.




8 Responses to ““Two packs of cigarettes a day; the strongest whiskey Kentucky can make…””

  1. yousowould Says:

    White-knighting is unnecessarily defending women’s honour from gallivanting cads in a distinctly beta manner.

    Black-knighting is using women’s rules against them, such as dragging a bitchy coworker through HR for something you’d overlook normally.

    I think this qualifies as red-knighting, using your experience and social knowledge of red pill to try to improve the lives of others.

    • Well said and great new term.

      I especially have a fondness for it, as “the Red Knight” was one of Manfred von Richthofen’s nicknames, given to him by his English adversaries (so I’ve read).

  2. I really am liking the songs you are picking; melancholic and cathartic at the same time.

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