“C’est pas ma faute…”


It’s often said ‘ round these parts:

“Never reason with a woman.


That’s absolutely True.

But men that say so never really get to the core of the matter.


Yes, it’s been stated that women of even average physical attractiveness are given attention, support and offers that even high status men never receive.

There is little to no punishment for misdeeds.

There is always someone willing to pick up the slack.


But what’s been left out is the very Laws of Physics don’t even apply in the attractive woman’s world.

See, in a man’s world, things run on blood, sweat and diesel.

In an attractive woman’s world, planes fly due to pixie dust and cars run on unicorn farts.

And, until tens of thousands of women are willing to crawl through miles of sewer–pipe just to hear your piss splash off the side of the toilet:

You’ll never comprehend how they get away with it all.





9 Responses to ““C’est pas ma faute…””

  1. no point in trying to figure out why they get away with it. best thing you can do is hold them accountable and call them out. it’s almost like a social shit-test.

    nuke that shit.

  2. le ninte Says:

    C’est vrai que c’est pas sa faute …

  3. Which is why even though in your gut you may hate it…you have to take them down a peg. The system has built monsters that make Curious Georges think they are King Kong.

    I can’t tell you how much more women respond to backhanded compliments or heck even overt insults…than telling them how beautiful they are.

    • “The system has built monsters that make Curious Georges think they are King Kong.”

      Nailed it.

      And I agree completely about the compliments/insults rule.

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