“…just rope and throw and brand ’em…”






It’s common knowledge that the preponderance of women are viscerally attracted to men with tattoos.

Most women like to see the them and, in fact, many ask to touch them.

Of course, to make it “more real” to them.



Now, to the somewhat awakened man, this makes sense.

Women want a man that is passionate about something/anything.

Along with being both unashamed and unapologetic regarding his dedication to such.

Tattoos advertise  that with considerable efficaciousness.



However, to the man whose progressed beyond grogginess, tattoos say even more.

Recall, as I have said:

To a woman, everything is a mirror.

Therefore, in a tattoo, a woman sees that a particular man is willing to brand himself.

In fact, he’s willing alter his very person to pledge his allegiance/devotion.



Thus, is it any coincidence that most “bad boys” have tattoos and women always say “I think/thought I can/could change him”?


No, it is not.



As usual, this is the very reason the preponderance of men find tattoos on women unattractive.

It shows her allegiance/devotion (or a part of it at the very least) is set firmly elsewhere.



This is the reason I have no tattoos, myself, nor do I even permit myself to be “marked” by sexual activity.

As rough as it may get (and it does get rough):

She (my partner) gets branded.

I don’t.

And, in the end, we both prefer it that way.





15 Responses to ““…just rope and throw and brand ’em…””

  1. “Women want a man that is passionate about something/anything.”

    Except for one thing….women.

    • I agree in part [regardless, well–spotted, Earl].

      There is plenty of evidence supporting the idea that women want men that are passionate about OTHER women.

      • I still think I’m right here.

        If a man is passionate about anything else but women…other women will flock to him anyway.

        Telling all the lasses you are out for chicks kills their adventure. Tell them whatever you do…you do because you like it, you want to master it, or you want to become it.

      • “Telling all the lasses you are out for chicks kills their adventure.”

        Fair point.

        I’ll have to think on it further.

  2. yousowould Says:

    Interesting connection – when did this thought occur to you, was it triggered by a particular event?

    I got your email by the way, I’ll respond later on when I get out of work. Cheers

    • “Interesting connection – when did this thought occur to you, was it triggered by a particular event?”

      Not really.

      I’m simply a natural investigator.

      I always work at discerning the reasons behind human actions.

  3. Bill Powell Says:

    I’m tatted up pretty hard but if you were to see me in a business environment, the only one you would see is the anarchy tattoo on the back of my right hand. Most people don’t know what it represents but the ones that do are very interesting to talk to.

    • I can imagine that it’s quite the conversation starter to the initiated.

    • What does it actually mean?

      • Bill Powell Says:

        Being that I’m a classical anarchist it means, “The free association among people without outside interference”. That generally throws people for a loop especially since they’ve been indoctrinated to believe anarchists are molotov cocktail throwing radicals.

    • I’ve never gotten one, but have always wondered what it was like – I’ve heard that once you get one you feel even more compelled to get more, so there must be something really satisfying about the process.

      I’ve never had something I wanted permanently etched on my body. I almost got a Corsair tramp-stamp (back before they were called that) & now kind of regret not doing so. Getting it now would be hilariously ironic though!

      The Corsair was going to be head on with propeller spinning.

      • Bill Powell Says:

        The endorphin rush is pretty intense. It doesn’t hurt per se, more like an irritation. Well I can’t say that, the one on my chest I got in Hawaii hurt like hell. Plus the guys was a world renowned tattoo artist and took four hours to do it.

  4. Dammit Charles. Re-reading this post.

    Makes me wonder if there’s a reason, bigger than me, why a girlfriend of mine was not in the business of giving me hickies.


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