“There’s always a war on somewhere…”



So many advocate “enjoying the decline”.

So be it.



As for myself, I can’t do such a thing.

Can I save the world?

Not a chance.

But I haven’t been asked to save the world.

I’ve been commanded to do what I can.



I don’t do so for any reward.

[It’s already cost me more than most would ever believe.]

I do it so I can look at my reflection.



I wage war against the lies, deceit and falsehoods that permeate the landscape.

All so I can be at peace with myself.







7 Responses to ““There’s always a war on somewhere…””

  1. I look at enjoying the decline as getting rid of the consumer mentality in men. Instead of trying to fill the void within yourself, fill it with God…and give everything you got to others.

  2. “I wage war against the lies, deceit and falsehoods that permeate the landscape.”

    I’m just curious, and this is an honest question, how you go about doing this. The reason I ask being that I myself have attempted to do the same, multiple times, with no avail. It becomes rather disheartening, discouraging, to the point where I finally just give up and say, “Let it burn.”
    How do you do it, keeping your faith?

    • I say this without sarcasm or condescension:

      Read the post again.

      I tell you the answer within it.

      In case I still seem a bit too cryptic, however:

      1} My goal is not “winning them over” or “changing them”; it’s simply to convey the information until they get it or become too vehement/closed–minded in their protestations.

      2} I really have no choice but to “keep my faith”. I either fight them, or fight myself about how I “chickened out” from confronting nonsense.

  3. I am still young in heart and state – I seek to first help myself before I can help others. God helps those who help themselves (in the lead a horse to water vein), they say.

    I am selfish – but honestly and openly so.

    Once I am secure – I will turn to leaving my last mark on this world – leaving it a better place than when I came into it.

    • Excellent.

      That’s the way it should be done.

      I did it backwards.

      Since I’m an artist and you’ve seen the post regarding such, that should be unsurprising to you.

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