“Burn it, rip it, drag and drop it…”




I’m a big fan of Viktor Frankl.

His work, Man’s Search For Meaning, is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

Indeed, it is the definition of “life changing”.



Within that work, he discusses the “crisis of meaninglessness”.

The greatest stressor, he claims, in the lives of modern Westerners.

An existential vacuum that swallows purposeless individuals.

Drowning them in cynicism, lethargy, and endless self–doubt/questioning.

From these ideas, he’s credited with coining the phrase ► Sunday Neurosis ◄.



Now, I believe this affliction plagues both men and women.

However, I believe women suffer from it (on the whole) to a much larger degree—

As feminism has robbed them of their biologically based/traditionally bestowed purposes, the manifest symptoms thusly:


“persons who function well in planned and organised work settings”  = addiction to attending school/pursuing degrees

“dissociative states” = glued to smartphones, addicted to Facebook, texts only; no calls.

“obsessions” = celebrities, reality television, Apple products, Starbucks

“compulsions” = eating, foodie culture



Therefore, I conclude the glut of social media and attention whoring has reached such terrible degrees due to women’s feeling more existentially meaningless than at any time prior.

Which is why they pursue “Alphas” with heretofore unseen fervor.

Anything – anything – to grant a purpose or meaning to their lives.

Whether it be to support a purposeful man or to try to alter his purpose or a combination thereof, they are willing to debase themselves (for the right man) now, more than ever before.

Indeed, desperate times call for desperate measures.



Which brings me to this [h/t to Jack Lane at vivalamanosphere.com]:


My reply to this would have been:

k. nice meeting you,







16 Responses to ““Burn it, rip it, drag and drop it…””

  1. I don’t really understand the thing with turning down the chick who wanted to meet for coffee.

    I mean, if I want to meet up with a woman, I want

    • -previous comment entered incorrectly.
      As I was saying, if I want to meet a lady, I want to meet her, and I don’t give her tests like asking her to coffee or dinner when I don’t actually want either of those.

      If I don’t want to meet a lady, I just say that I’m busy with other stuff – which is generally true. In fact I’m usually so busy that I have to prioritize all my actions, not just my social meetups.

      If I don’t feel a lady is creative enough, I don’t give her my phone number. Am I underthinking this?

      • Not underthinking at all, though you have it a bit confused.

        The male [blue bubbled texts] did, in fact, want a date.

        The female [grayish bubbled texts] simply found him too indecisive and uncreative to continue courtship.

        I merely mentioned how I would have replied to her “delete my number” text.

      • Ok, thanks for the explanation.

        I had it backwards.

        If the blue text was the guy, then he was acting normal and the lady was being a shrew.

        I had thought the blue text was from the lady.

      • You are quite welcome.

        And I agree with your assessment.

  2. YouSoWould Says:

    I’m literally speechless at that text! Is this representative of an average American woman in the dating market, or just an outlier?

    All true though the rest. My thoughts and writing keep returning to the central tenet recently that you must have a strong direction and purpose in life that is NOT just pickup for the sake of pickup. You’ll ultimately hit a dead end if you derive your confidence mainly from your interactions with women.

    • Well said.

      And, regarding your question:

      I believe it to be an outlier.

      But considerably closer to the mean than any sane human would like.

  3. I’ve noticed that women often seek something to dominate their lives. Usually, this is family, kids, and a husband whose needs she satisfies.

    One could say a man is satisfied when he is useful. A woman is satisfied when she is used.

    • “One could say a man is satisfied when he is useful. A woman is satisfied when she is used.”

      Money quote, right there.

      I’m honored to have brought that out of you.

    • walder, that’s the truth right there. Readily observed in any marriage with a used (happy) wife.

      But those same happy women would never admit that is why they are happy. Probably because they don’t even realize it. They may even be actively involved in discouraging that life.

  4. I remember reading Frankls “Man’s search for meaning” whilst doing a 60 day stint in county. Great book and definitely on my top something list (though it grows when you have asshats who write 14 book series.) Great post. And definitely closer to the mean that most would care to recognize.

  5. […] too many in our corner ► fall to nihilism ◄ when such is brought to their […]

  6. Way, I said that in 2013. If only I knew then (Month and year) what I know now.


    • What do you know now?

      • I know now that I in my heart of hearts, I want a family and almost all girls I’ve been with aside from 6 have been a waste of my time.

        I know now that sleeping with women is not truly the hard part – dealing with them so they become and remain assets (rather than burdens) in your life is; and many men simply fix one problem women by seeking the affection of another. I now know that’s merely a band-aid solution at best and kicking the can doiwn the road at worst.

        I know now that most of the time I spent chasing extra, to the detriment of time with family, friends, or a relationship I was in, was not worth it and has costs that are not immediately obvious.

        Had I known then what I know now, I may already have been married to one of the gals I let get away, and kids too.

        But that’s life. Too soon old, too late smart.


      • Thanks for the response.

        “Too soon old, too late smart” – brother, isn’t that the truth.

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