“Sharing one cigarette…”




We all have songs that cause us to recall fond memories.

One that does such a thing for me is Type O Negative’s ► My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend ◄ .

To this day, every time I hear the tune, I still conjure the vision of a woman with whom I was involved and I driving on a road trip together.

Now and then, she’d grab a cigarette from my pack of Marlboro No. 27’s off the dashboard, light it, take a couple drags, then hand it to me.




Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed that small yet powerful act of intimacy.

Eventually, I’d have sex with her and her friend simultaneously in a breathtaking threesome.

But, believe it or not:

The memory of each event fills me with an equal amount of joy.





2 Responses to ““Sharing one cigarette…””

  1. Student001 Says:

    I get what you mean.

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