“Money talks so what the fuck I need to say to a girl?”


I present—

A portion of my first True hate–mail:

“You envy what you don’t have.
The career. The money. The physique. The car, the house, the material things. And the big fish that all those hooks serve to lure…The Women. The sexy, young, amazing women you feel should be all yours for the picking…and discarding. Perfect, peeled grapes waiting in a bowl for your lord Emperor to chew up…or spit out.”

Now, let’s assume what she writes is True.

Let’s also ignore the fact I had all those things for 13 years and it wasn’t enough to get what she claims it would.

Having done both of the above:

She’s actually established a more misogynistic “reality” than I ever could, even at my most cynical and jaded.

Since that stance would place the blame for the vast majority of the world’s problems squarely on the backs of women.




After all, it’s no secret 99% of males do what they do solely to get access to the most physically attractive females.

Hell, this corner of the internet exists solely because of that fact.

Sure, we talk of myriad other topics and self–improvement.


But I’d wager we all arrived via the same road.



Be sure to notice she leaves no room whatsoever for women to be attracted to strength of character, kindness, charisma, artistic talent along with a plethora of positive, ethical qualities.

So what is she saying of women?

That they are shallow, amoral gold–diggers as long as their looks permit them to be.




Thus I say, simply put, if women reward the men that are the most ambitious while being unconcerned as to how those men become materially successful:

Why should men bother to be moral?

So, Eve, enjoy the taste of that apple at the expense of paradise.





17 Responses to ““Money talks so what the fuck I need to say to a girl?””

  1. The money is for nothing and the chicks are for free.

  2. infowarrior1 Says:

    The only reason for men to be moral is to serve god.

  3. People do give themselves away, don’t they.

    • Yes, they most certainly do.

      It’s always amused me how much one says beyond one’s exact words.

      • That’s a skill I’ve learned through blogging and I find most people will deny deny deny that they can be ‘read’ that way. Sometimes it’s so obvious it’s painful, like they are standing there naked.

      • In photography, the term is “negative spaces”.

        And it is an essential part of the art, as a whole.

      • I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it in photographic terms. That’s a great way to put it!

      • Many thanks.

        To be immodest:

        I’m brilliant.

        And such a thing is rarely recognized in its time.

        Which is why few people read this blog [although, I stand by my words, I’m grateful to those that do].

  4. The worst misogynists are other women.

  5. reminds of a twitter message I recently read, I think by kid strangelove, that went to the tune of, “Imagine if girls stopped fucking felons and instead fucked engineers and scientists,” and then, “women could enact so much positive social change if they really wanted to” and it was completely 100% true. It’s too simplistic to reason that women could reshape the world by just sleeping with the right guys, but it is kind of funny in that it’s not that far from the truth.

    • “It’s too simplistic to reason that women could reshape the world by just sleeping with the right guys…”

      Occam’s Razor.

      Why is that overly simplistic?

      Many diseases and genetic maladies would be wiped out if we killed everyone with them.

      I’m certainly not advocating eugenics, but the answer is still simple and effective.

      Regardless, thanks for your comment and your time.

  6. Weird. When I read old posts, and even see old comments, with few exceptions, I can’t remember reading the post or my old thoughts. It’s as if I am reading the post a new. Scarily, it’s as if I that I never read it, even though I stared up and the down the page before I hit the comment button.



  7. And the video changes – when viewing the stream of posts, the video is:

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