“Two steps forward; three steps back…”



Vox Day asks [  http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com/2013/06/why-do-women-everything-even-for.html ] :


“Do the women who want to ban negative comments… really want Pinterest to be a place where no one comments on anything?”



To which I reply:


That’s it exactly.

Why do you think women prefer aloof, terse men with little to no vocabulary, emotive response or willingness to engage in anything but the primal?

Your question is similar to asking why women don’t acknowledge logical arguments.

Because a woman IS THE UNIVERSE.

And how could the universe be WRONG?

The feminist utopia is a solitary woman sitting in front of a mirror.








11 Responses to ““Two steps forward; three steps back…””

  1. Well good thing I’m someone that women DON’T prefer. I just can’t keep that evil logical stuff inside.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m aloof and not emotionally responsive. But I do enjoy a good sparing with them in conversations with my good vocabulary. I’ve had some deep conversations with women lately… such as what they would wish for if they found a genie or which Disney princess they most relate to. They have no clue about how the economy works…but you mention Beauty and the Beast and i can get into a 15 minute conversation.

    I even asked a gal a very serious question last night. What was her thought process in choosing the color she decided to paint her nails?

  2. yousowould Says:

    It would seem to me more in line with their solipsism that they were prefer an unending chorus of praise and reassurance from other women in their universe as opposed to total silence. Note that I say “from other women” – obviously, despite claiming to the contrary, women do not prefer unending praise from men, which quickly turns to contemptuous feelings for the source.

    • You’re confusing narcissism with solipsism.

      Thus, you get off the train a bit too early.

      The view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

      Besides, all women only view the achievements, failures, sufferings of other women AS THEIR OWN.

      To add, I posted [long ago] about how, when a woman argues, she is really trying to convince HERSELF of something.

      Everyone else is merely a sounding board off of which her words return.

      Thus, taken to the extreme [as Feminism is an extremist outlook], I conclude what I do.

  3. yousowould Says:

    they *would* prefer – must start proof-reading my comments more when I’ve got a head full of extra-strength nicotine vapour…

  4. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    Acting as devil’s advocate:
    I know I could definitely spend a hell of a lot of time talking about myself and hearing other people’s thoughts about me back. Maybe the difference is that my solipsism is often superseded by the need for growth since I couldn’t bear to stand still for too long whilst for most women that is exactly the dream; to stay frozen forever in their youth, never changing.

    • See my reply to yousowould.

      You are both making the same [understandable] error.

      However, you do catch yourself and the difference you mention is crucial.

      • The Lucky Lothario Says:

        So narcissists (as presumably we all are) are still aware of the consciousness of others whilst the solipsistic people are pre-occupied with themselves precisely because they don’t perceive anything existing beyond themselves?

      • Correct, yes.

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