“I’m so loud; suits me fine…”




As a follow–up to my previous post, I’ll say a few words.

As for that “player burnout epidemic” I predicted a while back that came to fruition?

That’s fear being the soul–killer it is.


See, these guys have learned new methods and techniques.

But they’re still playing the old “lonely kid” tapes in their heads.

Now, that “lack of care” idea does seem to work for them.

But that’s only because they haven’t offered anything [other than time] to be lost.

Therefore, they can be fearless.

Since nothing is at risk.


However, it’s also why the rewards seem to fall flat after a bit.

To put it simply:

If you’re gambling small stakes, then that’s all you’re winning.


Do you know why White Knights never get women?

It’s because they are encased in armor.

They are terrified to show women their hopes, dreams, darkness and everything else that makes them Truly human.

[There’s a reason male sex robots will never be a thing.]


Ask a woman if she prefers a knight or a shirtless barbarian.

Guess what she’ll pick, every time?

If you think the answer has anything to do with male nudity then you need to also ask yourself why male strip clubs are rather rare [comparatively].

And why male strippers choose gimmicks based on “fearless” occupations.


This fearlessness is also why artists, such as myself, do well.

Because we wear our heart on our sleeves.

[I’ve posted about this before.]


Now, if you take any of this as encouraging mangina behavior, “manning up and marrying sluts” or other such all or nothing thinking:

Then you’re as digital as the machine on which I’m typing.

And you need to stop reading my blog.

Grab a drink or two, to loosen up.

Then try again.

Third time’s usually the charm.









14 Responses to ““I’m so loud; suits me fine…””

  1. YouSoWould Says:

    Agreed. I think a lot of the behaviour is fear-driven – fear that by opening up, you make yourself vulnerable, and you can end up back in the depths of that particular emotional dungeon that only a strong bout of oneitis can inspire. Easier yet, to simply never open up, and never risk the pain.

    But what shades of grey is this life without emotional connection to other human beings. As you say, with no risk comes no real reward, save purely physical fleeting pleasure.

    It is perfectly possible to maintain a harem of women, and not have to enter a monogamous relationship (if that is desired), and yet still have meaningful, emotional interactions with each of them. Xsplat is the perfect example of this.

  2. Here’s some real life experiences on this subject.

    My good friend’s wife asked me if I was scared when I made a major move. I flat out told her “yes”. But I also told her that I was inspired to try something new that it overrode the fear. Now I would think most players would never tell women they have fears…but that’s not reality. We all have fears, it’s a matter of what we do about it.

    Another attractive woman came into my site at the gym the other day. My opener to her…”I really didn’t want to be here today.” “I’m sore, I’m tired, and it has been difficult to get going.” “But I’m still glad I decided to let my mind be stronger than my body.”

    You can be vulnerable…but you set the script. I always paint a positive light on my less than desirable moods. They are going to exists whether you acknowledge them or pretend to not have them.

  3. Plus what I don’t think players get is that emotions can be a strength as well. Empathy is what it’s called. She’ll never understand your logic…but she can understand your emotions behind the logic. All players have is enough to seduce her…but that’s it. Could they lead a conversation? Lead her through a rough patch?

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve because you want to and not to necessarily get validation from a chick (or anyone else for that matter) is strong. If it wasn’t for men wearing their hearts on a sleeve we wouldn’t have art or music.

  4. it’s not player burnout.

    it’s just after some time, you realize getting laid isn’t the end all be all of male existence. i call it “the beast”. simply put, most men just have to get through that phase of partying and having various women (NAMALT- i know). but eventually, you realize a real relationship and intamacy are much better than just a beautiful face and pussy.

    • YouSoWould Says:

      Happens as you get into your 30s, right? After recently receiving a dose of T, and all the libido based benefits that come with it, I’m starting to wonder how much of this change in focus comes from declining testosterone levels.

      The change is so gradual you never even notice it happening, and all of a sudden one day you’re craving stability instead of fresh skirt.

      • I agree with you whole–heartedly.

        You’re reasoning is also why I believe in God.

        I’ll have to tell you about it some day.

  5. Vulnerablility is a powerful play that few people have written about. Many of the good guys have it, but few write about it.

    • “Many of the good guys have it, but few write about it.”

      Thank you.

      I pride myself on breaking new ground [insofar as such a thing is possible].

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  8. Care to elaborate further on the “wearing heart on sleeve”?

    I believe may do such already – but in my mind – wearing the heart on the sleeve gets one burnt. What I do goes by a different name.

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