“Well, I can take you far away…”




In case it’s gone unnoticed, I answer every comment.

Even if my reply is a simple “thank you for commenting”.



Rightly or wrongly, I treat the web as an actual discourse.

So, if you’ve any topics you’d like to see me address or any particular insight of mine you feel might be helpful, please ask.

I’ll do my best to post on it in a timely manner.





5 Responses to ““Well, I can take you far away…””

  1. If you were to find a (seemingly) good woman who you were attracted to and vice versa, taking into account your catholic roots… Would you be willing to marry het or would you do as so have done, and co-habitate while being married in every sense aside from a legally binding document? Explain your position, and how it sits with your faith.

  2. How did you get to blogging? Or is there a post you could direct me to that explains your story/

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