“If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man…”



Mae West:  Is poker a game of chance?

W.C. Fields:  Not the way I play it.

— From the film,  My Little Chickadee



I’ll play poker against Rollo Tomassi any day.

Earl, not so much.

I’ll explain why that is, now.




Sunshine Mary has a phenomenal post and dialogue here:




Read it?


Here are the comments that leapt out at me:







I’m usually very deep and cryptic.

So I’ll try to make it a little easier this time ’round.



See, what’s happening here is this:

Rollo is at the poker table playing cards.

He’s smart, insightful, knowledgeable and knows the rules cold.

But the problem is he’s still playing cards.



Earl is playing the other players.

Learning their alien thought-patterns.

Their risk assessment technique.

And, most of all, their “tells”.

That’s how to win at poker.



Rollo fails to grasp Earl’s meaning as Rollo is defining thinking about sex as a man would.

Earl realizes women are always thinking about sex.

If they didn’t, why are romance novels almost exclusively written, read and shared by women?

Why is everything a woman does dedicated to attracting a mate (consciously or unconsciously)?

Why is it when women gather the subjects discussed always end up relating to men and sex?

Battle strategy.



See, boys think about violence.

Girls think about sex.

Both are simply each gender’s path to power.

Earl gets this at a deep level.

He understands sex and violence are the exact same things at heart.



What men fail to grasp, as a whole, is women are the more pragmatic gender.

They’ve no use for rules, honor and other such “niceties”.

As they inhibit chances of survival for the individual.



Sure, those things work for the whole of civilization.

But why bother to build a city when you can do your hair, paint your nails, shave your legs and move into someone’s nice house?


That’s why not.



Later on in the thread, Sunshine Mary mentions the fable of  ‘The Scorpion and The Frog’.

Now, I understand why she does that.

But I must counter with:

No sane man goes to bed with a scorpion between his sheets.



However, to maintain her thought process, I’ll counter with an addition to the story:

“I’m a scorpion; it’s my nature”

“Ah, good; I don’t feel so guilty”, replied the frog.

As they both sank beneath the water, the scorpion gasped out, “Why is that!?”

“Because I’m not able to make it to the other side.

I came here to drown at the place of my birth, as I am old and tired.

And did not wish to die alone.”




Earl, I’ll still play poker with you.

You can choose the amount of cards in the hands.

After all—

I only need one.




[All of this is the wisdom to which I was alluding in this post:

https://80proofoinomancy.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/i-heard-an-echo-but-the-answer-had-changed/ ]


39 Responses to ““If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man…””

  1. “The best in poker will tell you…if you want to be the best, don’t play the best. The eighth best poker player in the world will lose if the other 7 players at the table are better than him. Not only do you have to choose your hands wisely…you must pick your opponents wisely. If they are helpless and they can’t defend themselves…you’re in the right game.”

    Knowledge and understanding…Rollo, Roissy, Roosh have half of this down and that’s why they are great. They are like poker pros who write great books about game to let the clueless ones in on it.
    But when they come into a poker game without the other half…they’ll lose. Many poker pros leave this out of their books for a reason…so that they still win.

    I wouldn’t play poker with you though…you’re better than me.

  2. However at Return of Kings…I butter my bread with guys like that.

  3. And you all wonder why women like to invade male spaces.

  4. Nice, we need to set up a game.

  5. Thanks for the linkage!

    I really love your writing style, by the way.

  6. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    Interesting. Definitely among my female friends the conversations they seem to most enjoy, particularly when it’s one-to-one, are about sex. I’d agree about the source of power idea, but a lot of my enjoyment from these conversations comes from the script being flipped and me being the gatekeeper of sex. These are my platonic female friends, any girls I sleep with, the conversation stays well clear and sex is alluded to but never explicitly.

    Maybe my platonic female friends just enjoy allowing me to think that I have the sexual power as it were in our asexual (but still sexually charged) relationships. It’s practice for them in the art of their subtle machinations.

    • Lucky…now do you see why pre-martial sex is just as harmful to the guy as it is the lady. You lose that power you hold over her. Power is the most important attraction vector.

      Physically they really don’t want you to have them…but they want to think you could have them. Remember…every women is a virgin and a whore.

      • The Lucky Lothario Says:

        Surely that depends on what you are leveraging your attraction , and hence power, to gain. I’m leveraging my charm specifically for sex. Attracting without pulling the trigger may be a fun exercise for practice but it is cooking a meal without eating it.

        As to the second paragraph, that is the power of leaving the girl wondering as to your true feelings until sex. Or maybe just the power of non-neediness, since I do believe that directness is the way to go. If you are attractive but hold out on giving your validation then they NEED sex as the proof or receipt of attraction.

        I still don’t get why pre-marital sex is harmful to the guy in this scenario. Do you mean in the context of a monogamous relationship the couple should refrain until marriage? Or it is just an extension of needing the receipt?

        Just noticed the manipulator/manipulated comment above, which is exactly what I was referring to in the last part of my first comment. Will we ever know and does it even matter provided we find our happiness?

      • You are free to discuss sex with your female friends because you never had it with them. Therefore you are innocent to them…for all they know you are a virgin no matter how much you brag about your conquests to them. What they think about you is great.

        You can damn sure never talk about sex like that with a girl you slept with…she knows you aren’t a virgin. What she knows about you isn’t as great. Time to speak in code.

        It’s not so much who you actually are in their eyes…it’s what they know they are in relation to you.

        However…some guys can see the glitch in the matrix and speak in code to a woman he has never had sex with to make her think differently about who he is.

    • It is, indeed, practice.

      “War games”, if you will.

  7. Earl asked me last week “Is that all you think about 😉 .” & I pointed him to the pink section of the bookstore. I don’t read those books but my mom & sisters do (I like cookbooks & old anthropology books from the 1970s) voraciously. They trade them back & forth & have millions of the damn things.

    But it’s not the ONLY thing I think about 😀

    • That’s all women ever try to do when I make statements…point me to the pink section of the bookstore. They don’t realize I’ve been in there the whole time.

      Tcup is alright though…cookbooks on the outside and a romance novel within. It wouldn’t surprise me if your mom and sisters are just actually reading old anthropology books though.

      • “cookbooks on the outside and a romance novel within”

        Food & sex! How can I go wrong with that*?

        *rhetorical question – please don’t list, lol!

    • Not the only, no.

      But it’s, consciously or subconsciously, at the top of your list.

      Though, as Earl and I have said, for different reasons than men.

  8. Interesting post.

    It is certainly thought provoking. Men’s path to power is violence. Woman’s path to power is sex.

    It is a divine comedy that men do violence to procure sex from women. Little do they know that women use sex to procure (an often violent) power from men. Each sex’s end goal is the other sex’s mean. Thus everything is linked.

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  11. Just look at what we’re built for:

    Women are built to boil the blood, and to be fucked. Their entire body belies this purpose.

    Men are built to fuck shit up (and to take a beating). There’s only one part of us that’s made for the deed itself – everything else is a projection of the potential for violence.

  12. Just look at what we’re built for:

    Women are built to boil the blood, and to be penetrated. Their entire body belies this purpose.

    Men are built to pillage (and to take a beating). There’s only one part of us that’s made for the deed itself – everything else is a projection of the potential for violence.

  13. […] absence) read this blog any longer, I still believe it helpful to enumerate the tells (to use a gambling term, as I’m wont to do) a man can spot to give himself some time to prep for the […]

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