“Come and whisper in my ear…”




I must admit, I almost fell over laughing when I read this:

This is A♠, so hang with me here a minute.



10,000 members?

That’s the very definition of “laughable”.

As much as I love the ‘sphere, to be completely honest:

I know Facebook does more for our cause than any other site, thus far.


Let me explain.



I haven’t had a Facebook account in years.

I know it’s a data-mining, “Blue-Pill”, narcissistic playground.

Yet, I wish, Truly, that it was around when I was growing up.



See, Facebook is where the Feminine Mystique goes to die.

It is there women display their hypergamy.

Their love for “bad boys”.

Their disregard for “nice guys”.

Their double standards.

Their disconnect regarding words/actions.

Yes, it is there the very root of women’s power is pulled up and tossed on the fire to be burned like chaff.



See, when I was a very young man, I saw those things in very limited and small doses.

So it was easy – much easier, in fact – to believe the lies that “not all women are like that”.

Nowadays, any male with an internet connection and a 3rd grade reading level can be shown to some degree, contrary to indoctrination:

All Women Are Like That.



Want to know if a woman is good for an LTR?

Just look at her profile, updates and photos.

She’ll tell you.

Want to know what she’ll look like in 25 years?

Check out her mom’s profile.



Even if only one in 1,000 boys/men on the site come to terms with what we term “the red pill” through Facebook:

That’s still far beyond what the ‘sphere can [and, sadly, may ever] do.



As I’ve said before:

I’ll take my allies where and when I can get them.

And I’ll gladly hand villains the rope with which to hang themselves.









23 Responses to ““Come and whisper in my ear…””

  1. Facebook frustrates me, but that is because people frustrate me. At its base it is just a social tool. A fancy digital scrapbook/messenger with the potential for massive data mining, which still sounds worse that it actually is.

    I deleted 90% of my “friends” I collected over the last few years from work and it is completely tolerable and useful. Note that 90% of my co-workers are women, so take that how you may.

    Hoping for massive social change by writing to frustrated men on the internet is quite the folly. Is there potential for some change? Naturally, but any change is going to take much more than a tribe 10,000 strong.

    • Of course Facebook is frustrating. It concentrates human behavior, as Ace pointed out, unmasking the reality for all to see.

      Take advantage of it, knowing what it is. Study the lab rats, er, I meant to say, the strong, intelligent participants.

      The ‘sphere exists primarily to counsel and triage any men who wake up and want something better — the truth.

    • Agreed, Hunter.

      Hence my post.

      Although, I certainly applaud the effort.

  2. Vicomte Says:

    I honestly don’t think the men that wouldn’t understand without Facebook will understand any better with Facebook. The information is there in the same way it always has been. Hiding in plain sight.

    I’ve never had any kind of social media profile, myself. My particular brand of clever commentary lends itself to the platform, so it’s almost a pity.

    I suppose one can have only so many advantages. Crying shame, that.

  3. Facebook is where I also see what George Carlin so eloquantly explained as…child worship.

    Seriously these “mothers” out there can’t get enough of showing their offspring to the world. I guess it’s the only pure part of them left.

  4. Save Big Brother some trouble and build a dossier on yourself for them…..go Facebook!

    As far as child worship on FB…..these mothers don’t worship their children. I guarantee you most of then despise their children for curtailing their freedom, and the child spends most of it’s time with her parents. But they want validation from their 4 thousand friends that they are great mothers with beautiful kids, right before they drop the youngins off with grandma and hit the club with their girls.

    • That’s probably true. Most of the former or current party gals I know take the most pics of their kids.

    • It is true that the children of single mothers spend most of their time with the grandparents. I know a lot of single mothers from all my time hanging out in bars & almost every one of those kids lives with their grandparents & the moms see them on the weekend if they aren’t too busy or whatever.

      • The grandparents are probably much better parents for them. My mother is raising my son 600 miles away. I work massive amounts of overtime to provide financially, and my entire extended family is back home. He is in capable hands.

  5. It would have been really great for me to have a facebook type thing when I was a kid as well. Probably would have innoculated me to the feminist non-sense that my liberal mother was shoving down my throat. As it was, the only examples I had of hypergamy, narcisism, double standards, etc. was personal experience, which would just be dismissed with typical excuses.

    I talk a lot with my brother-in-law, who is 15. The red force is strong with that one…and mostly because he sees the reality of women through the lens of facebook. He said to me in a conversation, “women love it when I treat them like shit.” Yes my brother, yes they do.

  6. Hathcock Says:

    If men have lost the ability to be objective then all of the Truth on Facebook will escape them.

    • I believe it to be a simple numbers game.

      As I wrote in the post.

      Your statement and mine are not, in fact, mutually exclusive.

  7. Ace, would you sell them the rope? The decline is a fact, but our response isn’t. I’m curious because I face this choice constantly.

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  9. Here’s your video, by the way.


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