“I could be wrong…”



“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”


Yet again, I find myself at odds with the ‘sphere.

And very much of the mind that the greater point has been missed by all.


This whole “Mintergate” [h/t Dr. Illusion] has folks in a tizzy.

But I’m of the mind that no one is ‘fessing up to the real reason it bothers/delights them.


The True issue at heart is rather obvious when one considers the source of the reactionary comments.

Women and traditionalist men, nigh to the point of exclusivity, support him.

The “alt” crowd [PUA’s, MRM’s MGTOW’s, etc] derides him.

The issue at the core of it all is one thing:


Fear that a man may never Truly be free from certain pulls.

Fear that, regardless of the strength of one’s motivation’s, one may behave counter to them.

Fear that the “red pill” is a palliative rather than an inoculation.

Fear that death [of a sort] comes for us all.


To put it less bleakly, I’ll let Disney explain:



Of course women and traditionalist men have no fear of it.

It’s part of their script.

Their very identity.

Conversely, much of the “alt” crowd fears it because it is very much the antithesis of their identity.

In my book, no one gains or loses points either way for simply acting out the role they’ve assumed.



Being my usual self, I could not care less as to which side anyone finds themselves.

I cast no stones either way.

I am merely doing what I always do:

Shedding light on what I perceive to be the larger, deeper image.









5 Responses to ““I could be wrong…””

  1. Did someone say “drink whiskey with me while calling me on my shit”?

    Ah, a soothing thought. Speak the good word, sir, while I close my eyes and think of better days. The road ahead is long, my throat is dry, and my strength is diminished. I love the quote, by the way, craving the stubborn nobility, while hating what it portends:

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

    Pour one for me.

  2. I’ve pointed out fear is from a lack of faith.

    Which is why when you talk about faith…those guys get riled up easily.

    They put faith in a man who made eloquent rants they agree with and he betrayed them…and I get called crazy for having faith in God.

    All the alt crowd needs to do is accept the fact they will always have the undesirable Greek letter. It is up to them what to choose to submit to.

    • I see it as a case of false idols. For only a god can serve as a real idol, for he can neither prove nor disprove your holding him up on high.

      I choose to hold myself on high, for if I falter, though I may dissappoint myself, I can still pick myself back up and improve myself. Of course, in order to follow that path, one must be able to accept that one is fallible, and be able to forgive oneself.

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