“Broken glass and cigarettes…”






KrauserPUA had a post recently that prompted me to put something I’ve been thinking out there.

Why do people lie on the internet?

I mean, I never do.



I claim no moral high-ground here.

I simply don’t see the point.

I mean, if you’re going to lie:

Lie your way out of a speeding ticket.

Lie your way into a better job.

Dishonesty online is nothing more than mining for pyrite, in my mind.



For me, the internet is a means to be the person I am.

I can be judged for my ideas and the way I treat people.

I like that.



For those that want gory details or desire to “dox” me, in order to hurt me, I’ll save you the trouble:

1} I’m a little overweight.

2} I’m broke and have shitty credit because my appendix burst last year and couldn’t afford all the medical bills.

3} I live in an awful neighborhood and drive an old car because that’s all I can afford.

4} I was fired from my gov’t job for “incompetence” even though I wrote the citizenship test my district uses, pioneered interviewing techniques and had the highest capture rate in my locale.  In a way, they were right. I was “incompetent” in the “office politics” game. I guess I’m lucky; Stalin would’ve had me shot in a ditch.



Now, here are some other facts:

1} While my notch count likely can’t beat Roosh’s, I’ve banged every woman I’ve wanted more than a passing fancy. Every. Single. One.

2} It has taken me 20 minutes to get from one end of a crowded room at a party to the other simply because I had  an “in joke” with all of the attendees.

3} People show up/stay late at places just because they heard I’m going to be there.

4} I appear with the title “the Great” or “the Legend” on some folk’s cell phones when I call.



[With all of this said, I am very much looking forward to Dr. Illusion’s gathering in Las Vegas.

One of the main reasons being:

I’m actually a great deal of fun to be around.

And I’d like people that only know me digitally to see that.]



To me, that’s the value of this blog.

To be the man I am with those who can appreciate it.

I write and share what I do in order to save other men a great deal of suffering.

All I ask in return is:

Remember who spared you the pain.

Since that’s the only difference between a criminal and an outlaw.

Because, in the end, life executes us all.









25 Responses to ““Broken glass and cigarettes…””

  1. I assume that it’s a rhetorical question, but I’ll play… Why lie online? Several possibilities; desperation, escape, curiosity, a fleeting chance at superiority over others.

    Government incompetence? Ha. Funny. It’s a redundant phrase, effectively a double negative. Congrats on being incompatible with the mindless, heartless machine.

    I’m actually “no fun at all” to be around. Honestly. Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back from Doc about Vegas. (He realizes that I’m a hopeless killjoy.) Internet anonymity is liberating for ideas, but I really enjoy looking people in the eye and finding out who they are.

    Either avoid suffering, or share it with others who can understand. A small consolation, perhaps, but it’s enough to ease the burden.

    • I think it is Mitch that is making most of the plans/reservations, but I haven’t heard from either of them except in the comments of their blogs. I’m assuming we will hear more when the date gets closer. If I don’t hear more, I’ll get a cheap room downtown & crash the party 🙂

    • “Internet anonymity is liberating for ideas, but I really enjoy looking people in the eye and finding out who they are.”

      Agreed 100%.

      “Congrats on being incompatible with the mindless, heartless machine.”

      Many thanks for the positive spin.

  2. YouSoWould Says:

    They lie to others, they lie to themselves. All in the name protecting their ego, and sustaining the fantasy land in which they exist. For to face the truth square on, and allow the facade to crumble, is to truly realise their own lack of worth – worst of all, in their own eyes.

    I don’t need to tell you how wonderful I am. I blow my own trumpet continually on my blog 😉

    • “For to face the truth square on, and allow the facade to crumble, is to truly realise their own lack of worth – worst of all, in their own eyes.”

      Great point.

      Though I’m all for a collapse so that something new – and better – may be built from the rubble.

  3. When I started this persona I decided to be gut-wrenchingly honest about everything. Not that I was dishonest with any of the other persona I’ve had, but I try to really peer inward & find the stark truth.

    But I completely & totally lie to doctors (No, I do not drink or smoke) to cops, and to authority figures in real life.

    Sometimes I am super fun to be around & the funniest stuff comes out of my mouth & other times I sit quietly & smile the whole evening. You will probably see both sides of me in Vegas.

  4. We’re all liars on the internet.

    Not because we try to be, but because we only reveal what we do, and others will fill in the blanks however they will.

    For example, one could imagine I work in a circus.

    I have never claimed I work in a circus; I have also never claimed I do not work in a circus.

    Still, someone could have gotten the idea at some point.

    And if they never asked, how could I correct them?

    They would just go about reading my comments, imagining me sitting in the back of some dusty tent somewhere, perhaps near an elephant.

    And then, when, finally, I happened to mention, in some roundabout way, that I work, say, in a tollbooth, or as a dentist, they would be suddenly affronted with the conflicting information, and they would think ‘Liar! All this time, you lied to me about working in the circus!’

    I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that I do not work in a circus.

    Just to clear that up.

    • Do I need to confirm everything that is true and deny everything that is false in order to avoid lying by omission?

      And which approach is more deceptive in practice:
      1.) an entirely blank space, left to the reader’s own personal bias
      2.) a few specific details to stoke the imagination
      3.) an exhausting narrative that *seems* to be complete, but really never could be

      It’s a wonder that we can communicate at all.

      Our aggressively adaptive minds are truly terrible. One should only be allowed in public after registering with the proper authorities, providing a criminal background check, satisfying a cooling-off period, and obtaining a concealed-carry permit. Then we should install brain detectors in every school, courthouse and office building. Can’t be too safe. The children! Oh, the humanity!! There should be a law!!!

      Besides, I think that you’re lying about the circus. The vivid description of tents and elephants leads me to suspect that you have real experience in this field. Only a veteran circus worker would know these things… I suspect a ruse.

  5. This is why I translate

    • I’m unsure I understand.

      Would you be so kind as to explain a bit?

      • “Yo carezco de opiniones, sólo tengo breves ideas, transitorias y fugaces, más parecidas a las posadas destartaladas donde descansamos” Nicolás Gómez Dávila

        My (tentative) translation:

        “I lack opinions, I only have brief ideas, transitories and elusive, more similar to the rambling lodges where we rest” Nicolás Gómez Dávila

      • Very nice.

  6. “I can be judged for my ideas and the way I treat people.

    I like that.”

    Men should like that…they are judged all the time by what they say and do whether they like it or not. It may be a cross so to speak. So nothing in this life should surprise them.

    Might as well embrace it.

    • If only it were so, Earl, if only. Alas, too few men, and even fewer women will actually judge a man by his deeds. “Feelings” and self-confirming perception rule the day, even among the more rational of us.

      Ace is revealing his positive outlook, once again, allowing for the (mere) possibility of objective evaluation. Let there be hope.

      [Feel free to contradict me, Ace. Obviously, it’s your show.]

      • Again, Alan, your reply is eerily similar to what I’d have said myself.

        I feel slightly indebted to you, now.

      • A wink and a nod to you, sir.

      • Alan,

        Since you voiced your encouragement of my breakdowns of large concepts, is there anything you’d like to see me address?

        I realize I’m seeing that “no good deed goes unpunished” but I felt I should ask.

      • I read your stuff to jump start my brain. Now, you’re turning the tables on me. Fair enough.

        If you shoot me your email, we can kick around some ideas. Don’t want to waste anyone’s time on fluff. Life is too short.

      • Agreed.

        Shot you an email.

      • It is probably more important for self judgement…than the judgement of others.

        That is a scary thing to reveal to others…but one that is necessary.

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